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Jobs for IT managers with impact: match your talent with top companies

It is no easy matter to find the perfect jobs for IT managers, executives or directors. It is about matching up with an employer that aligns with your knowledge, skills and ambitions. And doing so in an environment that challenges, inspires and offers opportunities for growth and innovation. Ready for the next step in your career? Amon matches your talent with visionary top companies.

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1. Community first

How do we find those unique challenges that make your job as an IT manager entirely your thing? At Amon, we know the domestic and international ICT & Digital community inside out.

2. International perspective

Looking for an international position to broaden your horizons? Our vacancies reach around the world, precisely because our network doesn’t stop at the national border. Would you rather stay in your own country? Not a problem: your choices determine the direction.

3. Expert knowledge

There is nothing more annoying than a recruiter recommending a job they know nothing about. At Amon, you can count on our employees to guide you with expert knowledge towards a relevant career leap.

4. Non-stop contact and support

You send in a CV or go for an interview, and hear nothing for months. Not so at Amon. We give honest feedback, track closely and communicate straightforwardly and constructively. We even keep an eye on your path during onboarding.


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What makes Amon really stand out against some other executive search agencies, is that they not only succeed in finding candidates who very closely fit with the function description, but also pay very close attention to the extent in which a candidate has a personal fit with the culture, dynamics and personalities within the organization.

Kenny Willems
COO Lynxcare

During 7 weeks, Amon has guided me through an intensive and beautiful process in a wonderful way. Each step was carefully prepared, I had my regular contact person for any concerns… He was always honest, transparent and calm, and he made sure that I was empowered in the right way over and over again. I am very grateful for this new challenge, where Amon clearly saw the potential match. Special thanks for the professional and pleasant guidance.

Ans Verlooy
IT Director Renewi

I very much appreciated the way Amon contacted me. The consultant took the time to empathise with my career and what motivates me. In these open discussions, she left room for my reflection and questions. What particularly appealed to me was the constructive dialogue, the ‘personal touch’ based on her own experience, the time she took for the process and the way she included my new employer in it. I clearly felt that she was motivated to make the right match for both me and the company. I can strongly recommend Amon as a reliable partner for a new career move.

Patrick Leroy
IT Director Associated Weavers
Patrick Leroy werd als IT Director voor Associated Weavers aangeworven door Amon, Headhunters in ICT & Digital, en heeft hier een heel goede ervaring mee.

Amon is a very professional, dedicated and enthousiastic partner to interact with. They kept us informed on the progress of our search, communicated in a clear and open-minded way whilst keeping their focus sharp at all times. Most importantly, this impression was also confirmed by the candidates we eventually spoke with. It is crucial for a company that an executive search company acts as an ambassador, being the first line of contact with potential recruits.

Helen De Block
HR Manager BISC Global
HR Manager BISC Global is lovend over de samenwerking met de headhunters in ICT en Digital van Amon.

The search for our CIO went incredibly well thanks to Amon. Their deep understanding of the ins and outs of the digital world and interpretation of our strategy allowed us to define a very clear profile. Once the profile was established, the search went ahead smoothly thanks to the strength of Amon’s relationships with the right candidates. Thank you for your cooperation!

Yves Taillieu
Yves Taillieu, CEO ORAC Decor

We have been working with Amon for several years now, to find IT & Digital professionals. One of our most important values is ‘quality’ and this is what we expect from our partners as well. Amon always leads us to first-class candidates. They know our company inside out and always put the right person in the right place.

Maxime Deforce
HR Officer Van de Velde
Maxime Deforce, HR

At the end of 2020, we started the search for a VP Engineering with Amon. Amon was very closely involved and quickly came up with a shortlist that was a good reflection of the market. Amon also acted as a sparring partner for the candidates. We appreciated their direct and honest feedback. We were able to successfully bring a VP on board in a relatively short period of time.

Eva Maertens
HR Business Partner Teamleader CRM
Eva Maertens Teamleader CRM

After an earlier successful placement for an IT vacancy, we called on Amon for a second time. Again, the consultant took the time to get to know both the company and the vacancy. As a result, after just over a month, she found a candidate who perfectly matched what we had discussed at the intake. Thank you for the excellent cooperation!

Steffie Claes
GLOBAL HR Recruitment Coordinator BLECKMANN
BLECKMANN - GLOBAL HR Recruitment Coordinator - Steffie Claes

Recently we engaged Amon on a critical IT Executive hiring: Global CIO. We experienced high professionalism throughout a very smooth process resulting in a spot on candidate. This was one of the best recruitment experiences that I’ve encountered during my career, a result of knowing the expertise area and applying the right methodology of identifying talent.

Stefaan Hatamian
International HR Director Miraclon
Miraclon  - International HR Director - Stefaan Hatamian

Amon’s guidance is excellent. I received an introduction with extensive documentation and a pleasant personal conversation at Amon. After each meeting with my new employer, there was a feedback moment with Amon almost immediately, with valuable information. This showed clearly that I was personally coached and transparently informed.

Pieter Bisschops
Head of IT Belgium - Renewi
Pieter Bisschops - Head of IT Belgium - Renewi

Amon is a highly professional ICT recruitment organization with an informal, end-to-end approach to the entire application process. You feel Amon’s commitment and drive to bring your application process to a successful conclusion. As a candidate, you will receive all the information you need at the start to analyse the vacancy and decide whether or not to respond to it. Amon knows the company well and correctly assesses whether you fit in with the company culture. That benefits all parties. They also give relevant tips for the job interview and follow you closely, without imposing themselves.

Dirk Geiregat
Project Manager - Sofico

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