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ICT & Digital Specialist - Expertise

Your business strategy requires a strong backbone of ICT & Digital. That is why it is key to have the right talent at the right place. Based on 15 years of expertise, Amon supplies exceptional profiles that perfectly match your expectations – both on a substantive and cultural level.

Locally anchored - Trust

Amon fully supports local ICT & Digital communities. We build regional, self-managing teams that are locally anchored. And we help develop the community by supporting inspiring events.


There is enormous potential within the ICT & Digital communities. So naturally, we are committed to contributing to the growth of this exceptionally talented community. By encouraging entrepreneurship, we actively contribute to the future.

Focus on the long term

Amon does not focus on quick wins, but on sustainable relations that provide long-term added value. We identify talent, attract it and match it to suitable vacancies and businesses. That is how we create partnerships that deliver, both today and tomorrow.

A mission for growth

Amon forms a bridge between innovative businesses and ambitious ICT & Digital specialists and executives. We know every aspect of the IT sector through and through. And we translate that know-how into concrete solutions to your challenges. We have a single goal: enabling businesses and candidates to grow in a future-proof, successful way.

Everyone on the same line

When ICT & Digital specialists, managers and executives support your company’s strategy, it opens up all kinds of possibilities. That is why the right match is so important: substantively, but also on a human and cultural level. We actively search for that match within our extensive network in the IT community – at home and abroad.

Strength in shared knowledge

To get a head start in ICT & Digital, your business needs the right expertise. You will find the specialised expertise you need at Amon. Grow sustainably, enhance your digital teams’ performance and strengthen your employer image in today’s competitive market. Our know-how is at your disposal.

Sustainability on all levels

Amon supports talents from the ICT & Digital community in developing their careers. We inspire employees, challenge them and present them with opportunities to expand their horizons. And always with a view to a sustainable partnership. We integrate that sustainability on all levels. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are present in everything we do.

Here’s why both talents and
businesses choose Amon

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