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Why Amon is the right fit for you

Because you have the drive to grow and to enable clients to grow. You have a nose for finding that perfect match between business and IT & Digital talent. You are truly in your element when working for top clients such as Brussels Airport, Carrefour, KPMG, Unilin and ING. And you excel when you are challenged to show the very best of yourself.

Like the sound of that? Well, that is why Amon is right for you. The leading headhunters agency that goes the extra mile. Not just for our clients, but also for you and the entire IT community at home and abroad.

A connected community

At Amon, we’re connected through…

The drive to disrupt - Entrepreneurship

At Amon, we sink our teeth into our clients’ needs. We do not let go until they get precisely what they need. We develop a service that goes against the grain. We are unconstrained by tradition, free from restrictions and fully focused on opportunities. Hands-on and proactive. Fully committed to our clients’ culture and wishes.

Shared goals - Trust

Look through the client’s eyes. Persist and innovate. Share your passion for ICT & Digital. Think in terms of solutions, with an optimistic vision and a strong will to grow. Our people do their utmost to make their mission a reality. We are not fixated on procedures but plot our own course to achieve optimal results.

The will to improve - Expertise

Do you feel that drive to grow? Gain a stronger position in your profession through trainings that fully develop your talent. Connect with colleagues, learn from each other, work together and gain expertise. And, of course, fun is part of the picture as well. Working at Amon means having fun together, during and after work or at one of the events we organise.

Passion and ambition - Dedication

Each of our staff members has an exceptional profile and aims to give their all, for themselves, their clients and their employer. Young staff members and senior experts strengthen each other. Amon wants to have a powerful, positive impact on the IT sector. We regularly invite the community to stimulating events focused on sharing knowledge.

Each other - Trust

Amon offers you an exciting, fascinating career bursting with ambition. We enable you to fulfil your potential and give you confidence, so you can be part of an exciting network of high-end ICT & Digital profiles. Together, we’re Amon. With a passion for our profession and a drive strong enough to turn the sector inside out if necessary.

Your benefits at a glance

Quality and reputation

Amon is a strong brand in the IT sector. Both our approach and our people have an indestructible reputation. Perfect for someone like you.

Strong onboarding process

We never leave you to your fate. We show you the way from the very first step. You get to experience a friendly, informal environment in which you know what is expected of you.

Clear and coherent

If it leads to better results, Amon colours outside the lines. But we are always transparent towards our people. A perfect mix of challenges and clear expectations.

Personal growth

Born with ambition? At Amon, you develop your talents at your own pace, in line with your possibilities. Improve and hone your expertise non-stop.

Self-managing teams

Take responsibility and do you job in full consultation with your colleagues. Our self-managing teams set the tone at Amon. It both works and makes work enjoyable for everyone.

Work-life balance

Of course, there’s more to life than work. That is why we offer various options to ensure you can perform your job in balance with your personal life.

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