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Amon’s effect
on your company

Amon provides tangible added value to your company – through clear support, extensive experience and a close partnership in which we flexibly respond to your needs. But above all, through solid contacts within the international ICT community and a strong reputation in the sector. This is particularly helpful to you, because it lets Amon adeptly reach and convince the ICT profiles you are looking for.

At home in the community - Expertise

Amon has an exceptionally strong position within the ICT & Digital community. We invest a great deal in our relations and actively help expand the digital community. You reap the benefits of those efforts. We reach the best ICT talents through clear communication and with our solid reputation. And that is precisely the leverage you require to attract the best profiles.

Great experience - Expertise

Our extensive portfolio and successfully completed projects do not stand alone. Behind them lies the experience of our consultants supporting countless businesses in their search for talent. These consultants each have up to 20 years of experience in ICT & Digital Recruitment. Their approach and expertise make all the difference to you.

Building knowledge - Entrepreneurship

Each year, our Benefit Events, breakfast sessions, newsletters and articles inspire an Amon ICT & Digital community of over 30,000 professionals. That combination of in-depth know-how, surprising insights, clear communication and informal events makes Amon a valued and innovative player in the sector.

Clear and effective communication - Trust

Amon communicates clearly and with the right reasoning, whether we communicate with clients, talents or partners. We can convince any target group and tap into the right talent pool for your organisation. We use proven interview techniques, test and reports to gain a clear picture of potential candidates. And we present that information to our clients in an equally clear way.

Talent without borders - Dedication

Your ambitions have no limits. Neither does Amon. If you are looking for a specific profile within the ICT & Digital community, our consultants search for the right national or international candidate. With only one goal: success! By finding the right match between your company and the potential employee. Country borders never limit our search.

Amon’s services

ICT & Digital Headhunting (Executives & Managers)

Amon has a very strong reputation among managers and executives within the ICT & Digital sector. Thanks to our extensive network, we have direct access to the limited talent pool of mid-level and senior profiles. This target group appreciates our no-nonsense approach. And with our focus on networking and direct communication, we have the narrative to persuade the right talents.

Seeking an IT-manager

ICT & Digital Headhunting (Specialists)

When you are looking for ICT & Digital profiles, you look beyond a candidate’s abilities. To support your team, there has to be a match on other levels too. Amon’s specialised headhunting team aligns its approach to the profiles you require. That is how we find talents that are suited to both the job and your organisation.

Seeking IT-specialists

Quick Scan

The growth of your business goes hand-in-hand with attracting the right talents. ICT & Digital are vital components in any growth process. But do you have the right staff in-house to a seamlessly support your evolution? What about support from and impact on your staff? The Amon Quick Scan allows you to map out the support, capacity and possibilities of your ICT & Digital ecosystem.

Yes, I want to know more

Talent Scan

You achieve more if you have the right people at the right place within your business. But how do you determine that? The Amon Talent Scan analyses your teams’ ambitions and talents. For each employee, find out if their current role matches their personality, capacities and future plans. Then roll out an effective strategy that will optimise your teams.

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Here’s why both talents and
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