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Realise your ambitions
at home and abroad

You want to move your company forward with the best talent in ICT & Digital. As an Executive Search organisation specialising in building international teams, we find the right ICT & Digital talent to help you accomplish your growth ambitions in a sustainable way.

In our search for the perfect candidate, we always start from your unique corporate identity: an identity we know inside out. As such, we function as an extension of your employer brand and we bridge the gap between your Belgian corporate culture and foreign talent.

We do not only strive for the perfect match between your company and the candidate: we also actively help build multidisciplinary and agile teams to make your organisation future-proof.

The right profiles, and no complexity

Unknown labour markets, different working conditions and expectations, cultural differences, visa applications, … International recruitment is a complex process that costs a lot of time, energy and money. We take the recruitment process completely out of your hands.

We have over 15 years of specialised experience in headhunting from Belgium. We guarantee the right cultural fit between your company and the suitable candidate. We find the right international senior IT & Digital specialists, managers and executives:

  • Employees for your branches abroad
  • Foreign employees for your branch in Belgium
  • Fully remote employees

Looking for (international) talent in ICT & Digital?
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15 years of experience

With 15 years of experience, we work according to a proven approach in order to contact and convince the right profiles.

One dedicated recruitment partner

Amon is your single partner for all your international recruitment in ICT and Digital. Regardless of the country.

Powerful network

Our network consists of over 45,000 ICT experts. All of them convinced of our reputation.

A standard approach and fixed-fee price model

Our approach and fixed-fee price model are always transparent and unambiguous, regardless of the country.

Support from a network of experts

For visa applications and starting an employee via an Employer of Record, you can rely on our network and knowledge base.

That is why talents
and companies choose Amon

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