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WhatsApp as a recruitment tool: an added value

As headhunters in ICT and digital we are in daily contact with our customers but also with potential candidates to fill their vacancies. Like our regular customers put it: Amon has a golden address book with interesting contacts we can always match with an amazing role.

We obviously welcome all applications for our IT vacancies because that is how our portfolio of valuable ICT talents grows. We get to know candidates well, we keep in mind what they look for in a job and when their dream job comes along, we contact them immediately.

Why applying via WhatsApp is a good idea

Solliciteren via WhatsApp - foto door Mika Baumeister via unsplash
WhatsApp significantly lowers the threshold between candidate and job consultant. Making direct and informal inquiries into a potential vacancy has never been easier.

Candidates can now also react to each of our vacancies via WhatsApp. Why we opted for this tool?

Reason 1 – changed online search behaviour

Figures have shown that people often look for employment and submit job applications using mobile devices (smartphone and tablet). In other words, we are bringing vacancies within easy reach of interested talents.

Reason 2 – an excellent candidate experience

A user interface that is not user-friendly risks putting off the right talent. We work on this proactively by offering interested parties a choice of how to apply for a vacant position. This makes the application process go as smoothly as possible.

Reason 3 – even more direct personal contact

One of Amon’s strong suits – one that we get praise for from both talents and customers – is our personal approach. Every consultant commits to keep close track of his or her vacancies and candidates. By giving interested candidates the option of direct and informal communication with the job consultant we have lowered the threshold even further.


And what happens after the WhatsApp contact?

Is the quality of our contact with ICT talents still guaranteed? Of course it is. Naturally the entire recruitment process doesn’t take place over WhatsApp. In that first exploratory and informal talk on WhatsApp candidates usually inquire after a number of aspects that are important to them in a job.

If there is a positive click this person becomes part of the same procedure any other candidate goes through for one of our vacancies. WhatsApp now offers an additional communication channel to quickly and directly inquire after a job.

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