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Optimise your team with the Amon Talent Scan

Your company is in constant flux. You grow, go through changes, reorganise teams and reshuffle responsibilities.

  • Is your team up to the challenge?
  • Are the strengths of every employee used to maximum efficiency?
  • Now and in the future?

Get to know your (future) staff better and maximise their development and leadership potential with the Amon Talent Scan™. Discover their optimal place in your company culture and the function that gives them the greatest job satisfaction.

The Amon Talent Scan™ makes your team future proof

The Amon Talent Scan™ not only assesses personality and current motives but also future behaviour and growth potential: a guarantee for long-term success.

I thought Amon were headhunters?

Indeed, as a specialist in executive search in ICT and digital we select and recruit the most suitable profiles, both professionals, managers and executives. The right candidate in the right place. That is our expertise.

With the Amon Talent Scan™ we have now developed a tool that gives your company an even more profound insight. Candidates or current staff can be screened for their (future) potential in even more detail. This enhances the long-term viability of the teams we help to build.

Balancing the relationships

The Amon Talent Scan™ tells you how well the skills, personality, mentality and leadership qualities of a potential new employee mesh with the qualities and talent already present in the team.

The Amon Talent Scan™ enables us to predict a person’s performance. We get an insight into the context and circumstances in which an individual will be most successful. How can you coach the talent in your organisation towards continued growth? How can you retain top talent?

Christophe VanDriessche
Managing Director – Amon Consultants

Transparent results and reporting

The Amon Talent Scan™ is a practical e-assessment your (potential) employees can fill in at home. This is followed by a lengthy report that gives an objective account of the various personality traits, motives and development potential based on extensive scientific research. Employees can also learn a great deal about their own skills and talents.

The Amon Talent Scan™ report comprises:

  • Personal motives, qualities and challenges
  • Work culture
  • Development potential
  • Leadership qualities
  • Every aspect is thoroughly discussed and visualised.

A wealth of information for building a team

As a company or team leader, an Amon Talent Scan™ provides you with scientific information upon which to base your decision-making process. For instance, it can help you decide which candidate to select for a specific role, how to redistribute responsibilities and who to appoint to leading positions.

The Amon Talent Scan is an indispensable tool for companies and services that wish to organise a selection procedure, that are experiencing strong growth or going through a period of substantial change.

Christophe VanDriessche
Managing Director – Amon Consultants

In short, the Amon Talent Scan™ quickly and objectively gauges the qualities of employees and makes behaviour measurable. The result is a transparent report that sets you on the right path. If necessary your Amon consultant will explain the report in more detail.

Transparent rate
The cost for a single Amon Talent Scan™ is €375. With more than ten scans per year you get a 10% discount.

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