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Being a partner of This is IT

That’s putting your company forward as an excellent employer for IT staff

Show IT employee satisfaction


As a specialized headhunting company in ICT, Amon is very aware of your continuous challenge:
to find talented ICT employees and managers.

When you become a partner of This is IT, we embark on a six steps journey to put your IT brand forward to our loyal audience of ICT professionals and executives.

During the 6 months course of an intense communication campaign, you gain the attention of your desired target: the Belgian IT community.


During a 6 steps campaign Amon grants you the attention of over 40K IT professionals in Belgium.
In their eyes, your IT department evolves from fairly unknown to highly attractive to work for.


With our communication campaign, your company as an IT employer will:

  • gain awareness
  • turn IT employees into ambassadors
  • attract & convince IT candidates
  • build a positive image


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6 STEPS from fairly unknown to highly attractive to work for?
Here’s how:


1. Create IT Employer Brand Awareness

IT Employer brand awareness in BelgiumOur IT-community is inspired by a dedicated
article based on an interview with your CIO /
CEO on our popular blog & newsletter.

Your company exists & the IT department does interesting things.



2. Position your IT employer image

Position your IT employer brand in BelgiumYour company’s IT insights are featured in our
highly opened newsletter to 40K IT professionals.

Your company employs interesting IT teams.



3. Activate potential IT candidates’ interest

Activate potential Belgian IT candidates' interestOur audience watches a testimonial of
experienced IT employees on personal
growth within your company. Direct link to your IT vacancies.

Your company offers an attractive career path in IT.



4. Convince interested IT candidates

A testimonial from recently hired
employees on onboarding makes our
audience click a direct link to your IT

What if I give your company a try, a listen.
What does their onboarding feels like?


5. Show IT employee satisfaction

Show IT employee satisfactionOne of your IT employees shares their career story &
our audience clicks a direct link to your IT vacancies.

It’s great to be a part of your IT division.



6. Reward IT employee engagement

Reward IT employee engagementAs a partner your company gets 20 event tickets
(worth: 250€/ticket) for IT employees &
new candidates.
+ 2 Amon Talent Scans (worth: 375€/scan)

Inspiring leadership in IT is of high importance to your company.



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