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IT Compliance Analyst @ Komatsu

As IT Compliance Analyst at Komatsu you'll lead the charge in ensuring regulatory compliance and risk management within the organization's IT ecosystem. You’ll elevate Komatsu's compliance standards to new heights by spearheading internal controls, conducting vital tests, and updating documentation…

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Team Lead BI Engineer @ Renson

The aim of this function is to take on a leading role in steering and shaping the BI strategies and processes within Renson. As Team Lead BI, you will be responsible for developing and implementing advanced BI solutions that empower…

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Functioneel analist @ Lecot

The role of the Functional Analyst at Lecot is to monitor and enhance the cohesion of the application landscape. The wide range of applications currently in use are evolving, and it's important to connect them in the most coherent way possible…

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