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Solution Manager @ Bluecrux

The Solution Manager serves as a bridge connecting customers, implementation consultants, and developers. This multifaceted role is dedicated to ensuring a seamless alignment of customer requirements with technical solutions, offering support to implementation consultants, and delivering insights to drive product…

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Functioneel Analyst @ QTeam

As a Functional Analyst at QTeam, you play a key role in optimizing the company's IT infrastructures and processes. You are responsible for coordinating and implementing IT solutions that align with the needs of the users and the strategic goals…

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IT Coördinator @ Colmar

As IT Coordinator, you are responsible for streamlining and improving the entire IT organization. This entails initiating and guiding a digital transformation with the aim of optimizing the organization. By implementing this transformation, you strive for a more efficient workflow…

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Functional Analyst @ Torfs

Schoenen Torfs, with headquarters in Temse, was founded in October 1948 and is still a 100% family business. The fourth generation is currently in charge. Schoenen Torfs now has more than 78 stores in Flanders and since April 2018 you…

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