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Your manager is on the longlist of This is IT

Thanks for nominating your ICT/digital coach for the award of ICT & Digital Coach of the Year 2021.

Your nomination was already quite convincing but to increase your chances of winning, we need some tangible examples of how your manager inspires, grows talent, copes with crises, etc.

If you feel more comfortable answering these questions in het Nederlands, go ahead!

(Oh, don’t forget to hit the SEND-button at the end of the page.)

Any questions, or trouble filling out this form? Contact:

Please answer the following 4 questions (before December 31, ’20)

  • (vision, strategy, authenticity, determination, role model, ...)
  • (coaching, trust, training, development, challenges, putting others in the picture, ...)
  • (encourages others to innovate, dares to take risks, thinks 'out of the box', ...)
  • (bringing peace, positivity, resilience, stimulating and developing perseverance in others, ...)
  • Now is the chance to get it off your chest!
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