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Principal Security Engineer @ Euroclear



As a global critical financial infrastructure, the protection of Euroclear information and assets is fundamental to the company’s business. Security is at the core of the company’s services, firmly embedded in the management systems and processes of the company. As a result, Euroclear has built a Group Security & Business Resilience (GSBR) division including more than 100 IT security expert professionals – in charge of putting in place the required controls to adequately and effectively protect the various information assets.
The main responsibility of the GSBR division is to ensure on group level that the technology infrastructure at Euroclear protects corporate assets from unauthorised access, modification, disclosure and destruction.

The sub-function security engineering designs, maintains and operates security products and tools and the supporting standards. Provide product technical support and troubleshooting for implemented security technologies and tools. Maintain security devices deployed and create/modify configuration, rule-sets and solutions to enable the delivery of security solutions. Implement, manage and maintain the cryptographic solutions deployed to deliver secure PKI infrastructure and protect critical assets. Support the implementation, operation and management of security infrastructure, contribute technical expertise to the development of security related technologies and business projects.

Key responsibilities & tasks as Principal Security Engineer:

•    Support the design and implementation of security solutions in adherence with the security architecture framework.
•    Assist providing technical input to high level security designs of new applications or implementation of packages to ensure secure operation within the Group’s environment. 
•    Support Security Consulting with input to technical advice and counsel on the design, monitoring and improvement of IT security systems. 
•    Assist in the maintenance of complex, security hardware and/or software for the business, security organisation and client organisations. 
•    Provide ongoing maintenance of WAFs, web servers, PKI, DLP and other critical security infrastructure.
•    Deliver hands-on security support where there is a requirement for a highly technical security skillset. 
•    Support the migration of security systems from development environments into training and operational environments, safeguarding existing systems from adverse effects. 
•    Support the development of recommendations for product and device changes. 
•    Implement agreed changes, updates and enhancements to internal and external-facing products and devices.
•    Execute product and device changes in alignment with security architecture guidelines and standards
•    Maintain effective relationships with external suppliers to ensure appropriate levels of support.
•    Works autonomously to provide solutions in own area of responsibility but receives guidance for other technologies in developing permanent solutions.



Euroclear wants to strengthen further the Global Cyber Security organisation.

Skills and experience matching the profile of Principal Security Engineer:
•    Good knowledge of communication protocols and web protocols (http & https) from layer 2 to 7.
•    Familiar with Linux systems and good knowledge of Microsoft OS.
•    Scripting and developing skills are also important (C++, Python, Java,…)
•    Good knowledge of PKI infrastructure & TLS handshake.
•    Knowledge of cloud solutions & cloud security is a plus.
•    Knowledge of federation is a plus.
•    You have an efficient way of thinking and want to automize whenever it’s possible. 
•    Office language: English
•    Technologies & products in keywords

Personality that matches the company and sub culture of the team:
•    Team player with good communication skills. 
•    Open minded and flexible.
•    Expert in domain. (= possess a strong knowledge in one specific domain or technology)
•    Interpreting a problem in its global context and looking for additional information to solve it (complex analysis)
•    Can express well-founded opinions and positions and understanding their consequences (judgment)


•    You are joining an innovative, global market leader with HQ in Brussels, sound ambitions, strong investments and at the heart of financial markets.
•    A fascinating multicultural organisation (almost 90 different nationalities) enabling you to establish local and international contacts across teams and on different company levels. A great deal of knowledge sharing takes place between the teams and there is room for entrepreneurship.
•    A company that invests in his people, following education or additional trainings is being strongly encouraged.
•    This is a multi-faceted position, being part of a mature and well-established group security division, having a direct and important impact on security of the critical financial infrastructure and the company’s core business. 
•    An organization where you have the opportunity to grow your career. 
•    An attractive and complete salary package including company car and fringe benefits.
•    Weekend work and overtime are compensated. 


System Administration, Security, Network Engineer

Principal Security Engineer @ Euroclear

Founded over fifty years ago, Euroclear is Europe’s leading provider of financial market infrastructure services, with unparalleled experience in multi-asset class settlement, asset servicing and safekeeping. It is also one of the world’s leading International Central Security Depositaries. As of mid-2018, Euroclear holds assets valued at €28.6 trillion, a record high. The total value of securities transactions settled on an annual basis by the Euroclear group is over €733 trillion per annum, and continues to rise.

The company employs 4,000 employees worldwide of which 2,500 in Belgium and nearly 900 in IT. Euroclear's headquarters are based in Brussels and it operates three branches in Amsterdam, London and Paris. With 89 nationalities represented among its staff and an equal gender balance, Euroclear recognizes the value of diversity and the richness it brings to its culture.

For Euroclear, Information Technology is a crucial enabler to fulfil its mission and purpose at the nexus of global financial markets. The challenge of designing, building, running and maintaining an enterprise-wide IT architecture that moves € 1,700 billion a day should not be underestimated. The most reliable, secure and efficient systems are often those that have been built in-house, creating unique challenges and opportunities for the numerous IT experts employed at Euroclear.

Currently we are recruiting several profiles within their Group Security & Business Resilience (GSBR) division, including a Principal Security Engineer.

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