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Head of ICT Applications @ Fluvius (team size +/-300)



1. Purpose of the position

The ICT Applications department serves as the bridge between Business, ICT, Strategy, and its suppliers. It is responsible for the end-to-end operation of all applications within Fluvius. To collaborate optimally with internal clients, Fluvius is currently organized according to 'lines of business.' The department consists of approximately 300 employees (120 internal employees and 180 external consultants).

To tackle digital transformation optimally, Fluvius is gradually transitioning to Product-Oriented Working, where ICT and Business collaboratively, in dedicated teams, handle both projects and maintenance, including incidents. Building a strong alliance with business, management, strategy, and a few external partners is a top priority in this role.

2.    Context 

Fluvius is responsible for the distribution and network management of electricity, gas, cable television, public lighting, and sewage in Flanders. The digital transformation of the company is a significant challenge in which the ICT Directorate actively participates.
With the ICT Directorate, Fluvius aims to:
●    Strengthen the digitization of Fluvius to support numerous business challenges.
●    Implement Product-Oriented Working, where business and ICT jointly take ownership of digital solutions.
●    Implement a composable architecture to create more agile systems and applications, enabling us to respond more efficiently and quickly to the growing demand for digital solutions.

3.     Tasks and responsibilities

●    As the Head of the Department, your responsibilities include outlining a long-term vision and translating strategic objectives into actionable plans. 

●    You will develop, integrate, and optimize the assigned (business) processes to align them with strategic goals

●    Building and maintaining long-term relationships and collaborations with various internal and external stakeholders are crucial aspects of your role.

●    Additionally, you will manage departmental budgets and sizing, considering the overall budgetary objectives of the Directorate. 

●    As a people manager, you are accountable for leading, managing, and coaching your team (300 people and 8 direct reports).

●    The Head of the Department is an integral part of the CIO team, reporting to the Director Finance, Legal & ICT, and assumes the following roles:

o    People Manager and Coach: Supporting middle managers (department heads) and team leads in the daily leadership of their teams across various locations.
o    Business Relationship Manager: Acting as a liaison between business and ICT to manage priorities in the short term (operational) and long term (tactical and strategic).
o    Delivery Manager: Taking responsibility for the end-to-end delivery of applications in various technological domains, ensuring performance and quality. Following the ICT construction process (analysis, design, build, test, release) in both agile teams and traditional waterfall approaches.
o    Service Manager: Managing applications in accordance with agreed-upon SLAs with internal customers.
o    Budget Responsible: Managing the budget for the deployment of resources internally and externally, ultimately overseeing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an application.
o    Innovation Advocate: Staying informed about trends and technological advancements; inspiring teams regarding new trends.
o    Contract Management: Overseeing contracts and relationships with external suppliers.
o    Steering Group Member: Representing ICT in various project steering groups.
o    Collaboration with the Head of ICT Architecture, Head of Systems & Operations, and CIO Office Manager.

4.    Objectives for the first 12 months

First 3 Months:

a) Onboarding and Immersion:
●    Fully understand the current state of the ICT Applications department, its processes, and ongoing projects.
●    Establish rapport with the existing team members, middle managers, and key stakeholders.
●    Conduct a comprehensive review of ongoing projects, identifying any immediate challenges or opportunities.
b) Assessment and Strategy Alignment:
●    Assess the alignment of current ICT strategies with overall business objectives.
●    Identify quick wins and efficiency improvements that can be implemented in the short term.
●    Initiate conversations with key stakeholders to gather insights into their expectations and concerns.
c) Team Dynamics and Communication:
●    Conduct individual meetings with direct reports and key team members to understand their roles, challenges, and aspirations.
●    Implement a communication plan to ensure clear and effective communication channels within the department.
●    Begin laying the foundation for a positive and collaborative team culture.

Next 3 Months (Months 4-6):

a) Strategic Planning:
●    Develop a detailed strategic plan for the ICT Applications department aligned with the broader objectives of Fluvius.
●    Present the plan to the Director Finance, Legal & ICT and other relevant stakeholders for feedback and alignment.
b) Operational Optimization:
●    Identify opportunities for operational optimization and implement process improvements.
●    Streamline communication channels and decision-making processes to enhance efficiency.
●    Evaluate the performance of ongoing projects against predefined metrics and make necessary adjustments.
c) Team Empowerment:
●    Implement initiatives to empower and motivate the team, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.
●    Provide training or resources to address any skill gaps identified during the initial assessment.
●    Establish mechanisms for ongoing feedback and performance evaluation.

First 12 Months:

a) Long-Term Vision and Roadmap:
●    Develop a comprehensive long-term vision for the ICT Applications department in alignment with Fluvius's overall strategic goals.
●    Create a roadmap outlining key milestones and initiatives for the upcoming years.
b) Stakeholder Relationships:
●    Strengthen relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.
●    Actively participate in relevant steering groups, representing ICT in various projects.
●    Receive positive feedback from business units on the department's responsiveness and impact.
c) Budget Management and Resource Planning:
●    Successfully manage the departmental budget, ensuring optimal allocation of resources.
●    Implement resource planning strategies to meet current and future project demands.
●    Present a comprehensive overview of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the ICT Applications portfolio.
d) Innovation and Technological Advancements:
●    Champion innovative approaches and technological advancements within the department.
●    Introduce at least one pilot project that demonstrates the department's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.
e) Performance Metrics and KPIs:
●    Define and implement key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success and impact of the ICT Applications department.
●    Regularly review and report on the performance metrics, making data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

5.    Reporting

●    Reports directly to the Director Finance, Legal & ICT.

6.    Reason for the vacancy

●    Colleague is set to lead another department focusing on Business Transformation.


●    A Master's degree or equivalent experience.
●    Extensive experience in managing teams within a large ICT organization. 
●    At least 8 years of leadership experience, including 4 years within a medium-sized ICT organization (> 75 employees).
●    He/she should have extensive experience with construction assignments in a complex ICT landscape (ERP, GIS, .NET and/or Java development, Meter Data Management, Planning Systems, etc.).
●    Broad knowledge of contemporary ICT concepts and processes, project methods, etc. (cloud, DevOps, composable architecture, ITIL, SCRUM, PRINCE2, …).
●    A strong people manager capable of inspiring employees in a 'VUCA world.' Someone who derives energy from establishing sustainable relationships with business and partners. The candidate should be able to reason and operate at both tactical and strategic levels
●    Experience in Business – ICT relationship management.
●    Experience in managing ICT budgets exceeding 3 million EUR (current budget = €62 mio)
●    Experience with extensive and complex digitization projects.
●    Experience in operating a complex application landscape with various SLAs and OLAs.


  • Strategic Impact: Lead the ICT Applications department in shaping the digital future of Fluvius, playing a crucial role in the company's strategic objectives and contributing to its growth.
  • Innovation Leadership: Drive innovation within a forward-thinking organization, staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements to inspire and lead teams toward cutting-edge solutions.
  • Career Growth: Join a dynamic environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Be part of a company that values your long-term development and provides opportunities for advancement.
  • Collaborative Culture: Work in a collaborative and inclusive culture where building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders is not just encouraged but vital for success.
  • Digital Transformation: Contribute to the significant challenge of digitizing Fluvius, actively participating in the digital transformation journey and implementing progressive working methodologies.
  • Leadership Opportunity: Take on a leadership role reporting directly to the Director Finance, Legal & ICT, contributing to the strategic direction of the organization and shaping the future of ICT Applications at Fluvius.
  • People Management: Lead and inspire a diverse team of 300 employees, contributing to a positive work environment, coaching middle managers and team leads, and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Be part of a company with a strong commitment to sustainability, as reflected in the mission to connect society sustainably through multi-utility networks and contribute to a better environment and climate.
  • Attractive Compensation: Enjoy a competitive salary package, including a an interesting gross monthly salary, along with a comprehensive benefits package, including a bonus, a company car, net expense allowance, meal vouchers, group insurance, hospitalization insurance, a representation allowance, and generous leave package of 50 days, promoting a healthy work-life balance and ensuring employees have ample time for personal and family commitments.


Head of ICT Applications @ Fluvius (team size +/-300)

Fluvius System Operator, operational under the trade name 'Fluvius,' is the Flemish multi-utility network company that emerged in 2018 from the merger of Eandis and Infrax. Fluvius is responsible for the construction, management, and maintenance of distribution networks for electricity, natural gas, sewage, cable distribution, and heat. Additionally, Fluvius oversees the public lighting of cities and municipalities, with a commitment to transitioning all public lighting to climate-neutral LED lighting by 2028. Overall, Fluvius manages more than 230,000 kilometers of utility pipelines. Its operations span all 300 Flemish cities and municipalities, ensuring that all residents can rely on professional services provided by a workforce of over 5,400 employees.

Furthermore, Fluvius is actively engaged in the digitalization and automation of the energy grid, with the widespread installation of digital meters. This initiative enhances flexibility in managing the networks and facilitates the widespread distribution of renewable energy. The data management supporting the aforementioned business activities is also within Fluvius's scope of responsibilities. The network is rich with valuable data managed for customers and the energy market, making such information indispensable for a sustainable energy landscape. By investing in sewage systems, retention basins, and stormwater plans, Fluvius is preparing Flanders for climate change, ensuring a resilient response to environmental shifts.

the IT department has a total of 560 internal and external employees. With 300 employees, the ICT Applications team is Fluvius' largest IT department.

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