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Global Enterprise Architect @ Manuchar



1.     Purpose of the position

The (Global) Enterprise Architect has an enormous impact on the digitization of the global organization. He/She will design (from scratch) and maintain the complete Global IT Enterprise Architecture for this fast growing multinational in all its aspects (IT mission, long term IT vision, processes, technology choices, make or buy choices, insourcing/outsourcing choices, technology integration, IT/business stakeholder management…). Building and maintaining a holistic view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information and ICT assets and capabilities. He/She links the business mission, strategy and processes to the IT and Digital Transformation Strategy. Together with the CIO he/she must bring IT leadership and vision into Manuchar, leading the global IT organization to a more efficient and mature level. Manuchar will build its global IT architecture based on a federal strategy: do centrally what makes sense to do at a central level and allow local affiliates to deviate from this central level when needed or justified.

2.  Reporting

The (Global) Enterprise Architect reports directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). As mentioned supra, Manuchar has a very flat and accessible organization and direct communication. Hence, the Enterprise Architect has direct access to all ExCo members and below.

3.   Tasks and responsibilities

•    Together with the CIO you establish and validate the short and the long term IT vision, the strategy, the plan and the enterprise architecture. You will build the global enterprise architecture from scratch (taking some elements from the past into account, also in line with the organization’s policy and secure environment). This means you provide leadership for the creation of an IS strategy that meets the requirements of the business, including risks and opportunities. You take strategic decisions on IT vision/choices, in combination with the optimization of the IT landscape of Manuchar. 

o    Define where and how IT can enable and support business objectives.
o    Translate Manuchar’s corporate objectives and priorities into IT needs and an aligned IT strategy.
o    Develop an IT roadmap (IT systems and services evolution planning) and coherent project portfolio.
o    Define technology areas where global standards will be enforced versus local preferences prevail.
o    Define formal approach to implement solutions to develop and operate the IS architecture. Taking into account interoperability, scalability, usability and security.
o    Identify, evaluate and recommend choices towards insourcing/outsourcing/hosting solutions.

●    You relate to and partner with business owners to set direction & priorities. You position IT as a business partner rather than cost-center (strategically & day to day support). Together with the CIO you’re in the lead of a very important digital transformation. There’s a great blue ocean to start really great reference projects all over the place!

●    The role is not just to keep the lights on and deliver based on requests coming from the business (we are not looking for a Solution Architect) but to pro-actively identify and assess ways in which latest technology can actively facilitate and help Manuchar’s business grow. While also identifying alternative approaches and ROI propositions.  We are looking for an IT visionary who can look years ahead! 

Examples from the past:

o    Global O365 & Sharepoint roll-out boosting collaboration across countries.
o    Complete digitization of trade-coordination (previously 100% paper based).
o    Blockchain Pilot with end-to-end shipment & document handling China/BE/Chile. 
o    Development of Supply Chain Tower solution for full-chain visibility for MNC customers.
o    Implementing iController for advanced tracking & chasing of receivables.
o    Set-up of data-warehouse and PowerBI reporting infrastructure to drive insights/analytics.
o    …

IT challenges for the future:

o    Develop/Implement a new global transactional management system for trading.
(back-to-back transactions, logistics & document tracking, transaction-profitability tracking and risk/controls compliance (credit, goods-releases, …)).
o    Using and integrating more in shipping market-places and/or booking platforms.
o    Improving bank-line management and information exchange/platforms banks.
o    Rolling out RPA to facilitate/reduce manual processing (part not replaceable with API)
o    Implementing solutions for price tracking of commodities & buying decisions.
o    Eliminate reprocessing between countries/units.
o    Further develop analytics and BI-reporting throughout organization for fact-based decision taking.
o    …

●    You will contribute to the business plan, new technology integration proposals, IT knowledge/Information Base in the organization and the Business Process Definition. You communicate and sell the business plan to relevant stakeholders and address political, financial and organizational interests.

●    You anticipate long-term business requirements and will devise business improvement opportunities and create long term innovative proposals/solutions . You will align the IT strategy and planning with the organization’s business goals, streamline and influence  business processes, functions, procedures  and workflows and apply a consistent implementation approach.

●    You will manage stakeholder engagement in the development of new processes and systems and verify feasibility. You will also conduct post-implementation reviews to evaluate benefits accrued from new processes. You ensure compliance with the business and technology strategies.

●    You will consider the possible and applicable sourcing models.

●    You assess the implication of new digital solutions and you will manage the change (taking into account structural and cultural issues), maintain business and process continuity throughout change, monitor the impact, taking any required remedial action and refining approach.

●    Quality and consistency (number of exceptions to the implemented architecture) are an important key performance indicator.

4.    Reason for the job opening

This is a complete new role in the organization! The role must bring IT leadership and vision and assure that further steps in the global digitization of the organization can be made. 

5.   Expectations first 3-6-12 months

●    3 months: Full assessment and understanding of the technological landscape, the team and the business/IT priorities moving forward.
●    3/6 months: Fully mapping the “as is” architecture, capabilities. Getting involved in the IT decision making process + first high-level attempt to the “to be” architecture and capability map.
●    After 1 year: Leading decisions in terms of agreeds upon architecture.



1.    Education

Master degree in ICT / Computer Science/ Management or equivalent through experience 

2.    Experience and requirements

Manuchar is looking for an engaged and inspiring person with a passion for leveraging new technologies and rallying people around a pragmatic digital transformation agenda. Good interpersonal and leadership skills as well as a getting-things-done attitude are essential.

✔    Leadership and management competencies (act as inspiring team coach)

o    At least 7 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture covering multiple domains. Preferably in an international context and with a previous and successful experience.
o    Proven ability to bring long term technology and business vision.
o    Experience in complex environments with multiple internal / external stakeholders. 
o    Ability to share vision and build enthusiasm around the direction and impact of IT. 
o    Ability to set specific objectives and coach stakeholders towards results.

✔    Business skills & competencies (act as true business partner)

o    Good understanding of Manuchar’s business (strategies & operating model).
o    Solid understanding op Manuchar operational processes & procedures.
o    Good insight in how IT can support/improve the activities, insights and decision taking.
o    Understanding of investment analysis and calculating value (return) of initiatives.
o    Able to assess impact of projects and changes on Manuchar people and environment.
o    Inspirer with a lot of business acumen. Well organized, entrepreneurial visionary with a ‘can do mentality. Direct, constructive and solution driven communication style.

✔    Technical skills (act as technology sounding board)

o    Knowledge of IT oriented frameworks, methodologies and management tools.
o    Good understanding of new and existing technologies (O365, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, BI, …).
o    Ideally coming from a technology architecture background (application/integration/data/ infrastructure/security)
o    Thorough knowledge of enterprise architecture and its sub-disciplines: business architecture, information architecture, application architecture, infrastructure architecture…
o    Excellent understanding of architecture/design patterns.
o    Good knowledge of enterprise architecture frameworks (Togaf, Zachman,…), methods and tools. Certification is an asset.
o    Affinity with agile practices.



✔    An Enterprise Architecture leadership role with enormous impact (building from scratch) reporting directly to C-level,  with autonomy, impact and visibility from day one, in a globally active trading, logistics and trading company.
✔    culture welcomes change and entrepreneurship. This means that there is plenty of room for new initiatives in IT.
✔    Working in a fast changing and growing company/context digitization is a top priority.
✔    Attractive remuneration package in line with your experience and an additional compensation and benefit plan. 


Global Enterprise Architect @ Manuchar

Manuchar, founded in 1985, with headquarters in Antwerp, is a global trader of various commodities and a distributor of commodity chemicals. The company operates in more than 35 countries and has its own local infrastructure in over 160 locations, mainly in emerging markets.  
Manuchar’s trading activities cover chemicals, steel, plastics, pharmaceuticals, wood, spare parts, paper and cement. In its chemical distribution the company covers the end-to-end supply chain, including sourcing, maritime transport, local warehousing, transportation & sales. 
The entrepreneurial spirit has grown Manuchar’s annual revenues to over 1.5 billion dollars. But what makes the company special is its local knowledge of emerging markets. A 2300 strong workforce connects suppliers to consumers all over the world. Examples of customers are Unilever, P&G, Solvay, Colgate, glass factories, …

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