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Purpose of the position

The CTO’s main responsibility lies in creating a world-class team that is capable, driven and motivated to deliver on a state-of-the art software platform / SaaS product. 

The CTO will oversee the entire engineering organization for the Ovinto platform. You’ll lead, plan and follow-up software engineering for their customer facing SaaS application.

Together with the Product Architect, he/she will be developing ideas/needs of customers, turning product opportunities spotted by various stakeholders, into deliveries by developing the software, together with external partners. 

Ovinto is a fast-spaced scale up that serves the daily needs of Fortune 500 companies, with businesses across Europe and the US. The CTO will be able to have a massive impact throughout the entire organization immediately, by driving and implementing meaningful change.

The CTO reports directly to the CEO.

Tasks and responsibilities

The CTO collaborates closely with the Product Architect / Lead Engineer, brings technological expertise and leadership on C-level and takes strategic decisions on technology vision/choices, in combination with the optimization of the operational delivery organization. He/she takes ownership and is capable of ensuring continuity in the operations of the development team. It is important that the CTO helps the company with the fastest and best way to create the most impact for the customer.

Ownership of the overall product roadmap of Ovinto:
Inventory of ideas and demand in the organization, make these explicit and set clear priorities. 
Proactively define new product evolutions in function of business demands and/or market-evolutions. Identify possible external parties.

Bridging the “gap” between functional needs of both customers as well as the Ovinto’s sales, project team, and technical implementation aspects within the Ovinto’s software engineering team. There is open communication between everybody, but the CTO is accountable to bring everything together in a structured way and to define priorities taking all variables of all teams involved into account (make sure that teams don’t think or work in silos).

Collaborate with the Product Architect / Lead Engineer and Product Management on key architectural decisions and design considerations, to ensure high quality, scalability, maintainability, and resiliency. While continuously delivering well-crafted, working software that creates real business value.

Actively recruit, hire, and retain excellent engineering talent. Defining the best organization structure and roles to deliver.

Define and shape engineering best practices.

Manage a team of knowledgeable software engineers. You challenge and support your teams in technology choices, delivery (guardian of scope and timing) and process. Follow-up of timely execution / delivery of the roadmap and determination of the day-to-day tasks of the technical team.  Setting-up a framework of expected roadmap delivery tracks, which is then also used for clear communication about the delivery roadmap to the non-technical teams and to the Board of Directors.

Planning, well-thought-out priority-setting and organization of the team activity and re-quested product-evolutions, ensuring that the team is aligned with business needs via OKRs, roadmaps and constant feedback. Taking the different communication styles of various members into account and taking care of “expectation management”.

Integration of the Ovinto ‘s platform into existing customer environments, combined with ongoing performance optimization and process improvement.

Guard on the quality of the work and performance done by the software engineering team.     



Master degree in ICT / Computer Science or equivalent through experience

Experience and requirements

A similar experience as CTO or Software Engineering Manager  in a start-up or scale-up in a product/SaaS oriented environment. Having managed software engineering -and product teams in a similar context.

At least 5 tot 10  years of experience in multiple technical roles, e.g. as Systems Architect, Software Engineer, Functional Analyst, IT-Project Manager, or Implementation Consultant

Extensive project management experience. At least 5 years of hands-on experience in managing complex IT- (software) projects and a large variety of (potentially conflicting) priorities.

Extensive experience in Software and IT, ideally in various domains and technology stacks, e.g. Data platforms, full-stack software developments (front- & back-end), UX-optimization, cloud-infrastructure. Hands-on experience, either as a developer him-/herself in the past, or as a project-manager, or as a Product-Manager. This knowledge should be combined with a strong affinity in and vision on the other remaining domains.


A position, which you can shape yourself and which has a huge footprint and impact in and on the success of the future organization. Reporting directly to the CEO. 

Small, fast growing company, pragmatic, no internal politics

International context, global scaling

Attractive remuneration package in line with your experience and an additional compensation / benefit plan / stock option plan

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Teamlead Development, CTO

CTO @ Ovinto

Ovinto, with offices in Belgium and the UK, is a leading scale-up and powerful software platform, easily integrated into the IT and ERP (e.g. SAP and Oracle) back-office of large companies. It is specifically designed to increase the supply chain efficiency of Fortune 500 companies through far-reaching process automation and digitisation of rail and intermodal freight transport. The state-of-the art platform even integrates the benefits of space technology through close collaboration with the European Space Agency.

With Ovinto's SaaS model, customers can use the data platform on a long term. The powerful big data & predictive analytics platform provides visibility, planning, asset management, fleet management, site management, emissions management, safety management and IoT management in companies' supply chains. 

Ovinto operates In Europe and the US and focuses mainly on the world's 100 largest chemical, Oil and Gas companies. Examples of customers include Solvay, BASF, Primagaz, Ineos, Evonik Industries, Sabic Petrochemicals and LyondellBasell.

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