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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) @ Lynxcare



​​•    Establish and validate the short and the long term technology vision, the strategy, the plan and the architecture of LynxCare platform. You bring technological expertise and leadership on C-level and you take strategic decisions on technology vision/choices, in combination with the optimization of the operational delivery organization. It is important that the CTO helps the company with the fastest and best way to create the most impact for the customer.

•    You manage a team of +/- 10-15 very knowledgeable engineers (payroll + freelance), challenging and coaching them by using the credibility of your tech expertise and experience. You challenge and support your teams in technology choices, delivery and process.

•    You assess and validate technology solutions to make recommendations for architecture and how work should best get done (including make or buy decisions). You determine how the team will use technology to improve products and services.

•    Ownership of the overall product roadmap of LynxCare. 
o    Inventory of ideas and demand in the organization, make these explicit and set clear priorities. 
o    Proactively define new product evolutions in function of business demands and/or market-evolutions. Identify possible external parties or potential future collaborations for product evolutions. Strategic decisions are always taken in jointly discussions within the management team.

•    Identifying new product needs & innovations and translating them into hands-on product-features, in close collaboration with the Business lines and the IT-development team leads. Market-exploration & feasibility assessment of new product-lines or -extensions.

•    Bridging the “gap” between functional needs of both customers as well as the LynxCare sales, operations team, and technical implementation aspects within the LynxCare development team.
o    There is open communication between everybody, but the CTO is accountable to bring everything together in a structured way and to define priorities taking all variables of all teams involved into account (make sure that teams don’t think or work in silos).

•    Follow-up of timely execution / delivery of the roadmap and determination of the day-to-day tasks of the technical team.  Setting-up a framework of expected roadmap delivery tracks, which is then also used for clear communication about the delivery roadmap to the non-technical teams and to the CEO and the Board of Directors.

•    Well-thought-out priority-setting (in close collaboration with other LynxCare colleagues of sales, operations and R&D) of all re-quested product-evolutions. Taking the different communication styles of various members into account and taking care of “expectation management”.

•    Guardian of scope & timing of new product-releases.
o    Make sure that new development doesn’t keep on lingering too much.
o    Make sure that, releases considered finished by R&D, are always thoroughly tested by the Operations team.  
o    Make sure that functional needs & technical design/blueprints are sufficiently documented to create a clear scope for the development team. 

•    Writing detailed functional design (temporary in 2021, Product Manager will be hired in 2022), mockups & specifications of new product-lines and -features.

•    In summary: combination of “product visioning” (product vision + feature discovery + stakeholder alignment) and “product execution” (optimizing product management processes and tools, timeline and quality of product development, turning the product roadmap into an actionable R&D-backlog, managing daily changing priorities).
o    Clear vision about the product in the long term.
o    Defining feasible short- and middle-term priorities, including a clear path towards the future vision.
o    Proactively come up with new features for the future.

Priorities to the role of the CTO are:

1.    Clear definition of the technology and product-roadmap.
2.    Optimization of the operational delivery organization.
3.    Priority setting product development (SMART) and being the bridge between the board, the business and the technical organization.
4.    Tools and processes for project management (greenfield and new tools to be implemented) 
5.    Project management of some important tracks of the product roadmap


•    A similar experience as CTO/CPO in a start-up or scale-up in a product/SaaS oriented environment. Having managed highly skilled engineering -and product teams in a similar context.

•    10 years of experience in multiple technical roles, e.g. as Systems Architect, Software Engineer, Functional Analyst, IT-Project Manager, or Implementation Consultant

•    Extensive project or program management experience. At least 5 years of hands-on experience in managing complex IT-projects and a large variety of (potentially conflicting) priorities.

•    Extensive experience in Software and IT, ideally in various domains and technology stacks, e.g. Big Data platforms, development of Artificial Intelligence & NLP algorithms, full-stack software developments (front- & back-end), UX-optimization, cloud-infrastructure. Hands on experience in at least 3 out of 5 of the above mentioned technological tracks, either as a developer him-/herself in the past, or as a project-manager, or as a Product-Manager. This knowledge should be combined with a strong affinity in and vision on the other remaining domains.


  • Attractiveness of the sector (Healthcare, societal impact).
  • A position, which you can shape yourself and which has a huge footprint and impact in and on the success of the future organization. Reporting directly to the CEO. 
  • Considered as one of the companies in the market that is shaping the sector/industry of Clinical Insights and Real World Evidence.
  • Small, fast growing company, pragmatic, no internal politics.
  • Most advanced in terms of technical capabilities (this is what customers are telling). A strong technical and operational team with extensive knowledge of the technology and the environment in the industry.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) @ Lynxcare

LynxCare, with offices in Belgium (Leuven) and the United States (New York), is a Belgian scale-up and big data specialist in healthcare of +25 employees, which developed a SaaS clinical (all-in-one) data platform for hospitals and for life sciences research. 

Founded in 2015, LynxCare surrounded itself with medical professionals and data scientists. 90% of the increasing data in hospitals is not being utilized. LynxCare believes that you can only make good decisions if they are based on data. Currently, a lot of hospitals' reimbursements are still based on the number of services, but not on the quality of care. However, that is changing. 

LynxCare's SaaS platform is AI powered and assists hospitals with time-consuming and complex patient data processing and hospital operations.  The AI platform offers benefits to patients, physicians and healthcare staff alike. Silos are broken, data is made more insightful and the platform provides more structure. The platform allows the hospital to mine their own data (technical users) and enable insights (clinical/business users) across the multitude of databases and data structures in the hospital. The platform offers connectivity to the hospital, data treatment (custom in-house NLP models and the latest Big Data techniques e.g. Spark), storage in a standardised clinical data warehouse, standard visualizations.  

In addition, LynxCare also contributes to scientific research, in close collaboration with Life Sciences companies. It provides actionable RWE (Real World Evidence) for precision medicine and innovative study designs by unlocking the value of EHR data (Electronic Health Records).  The company works in an innovative collaboration model between Life Science companies & the hospitals, with full respect of GDPR and privacy regulations. The hospitals always stay the data owners.

Examples of customers are UZ-Gent, UZA, UZ Leuven, OLV-Aalst, AZ Maria Middelares, Europaklinieken, Astra Zeneca, Takeda, ARJO, Janssen, Bayer,… LynxCare is backed by leading Venture Capital Investors such as Heran HealthTech (BE, 70Mio EUR fund) and BtoV Partners (DE, 500Mio EUR fund).

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