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Technical Lead – Software Developer @ Factry



As a Software Developer at Factry, you play a crucial role in the development of business logic for MES projects within the Process Industry. You work full stack and guide the team in the technical implementation of projects. Additionally, you contribute to the existing platform by translating customer requirements into concrete product improvements.

With your expertise in the industry and MES systems, you are the driving force behind the Factry OS team. In the role of Technical Lead, you also take the lead in the technical aspects of projects and inspire your team members. Factry has the ambition to expand further as a scale-up, both in terms of projects with existing and new customers, as well as team growth. You play a key role in creating self-managing teams within Factry, which is essential for delivering multiple projects simultaneously and bringing structure to project planning. You help prepare the team for future doubling, so we can deliver more projects efficiently.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Software Engineer at Factry, you have a wide range of responsibilities.

Backend (70%)

  • Design and implement core functionalities of the products using the Go programming language.
  • Troubleshoot and debug code to solve daily problems and improve performance.
  • Perform code reviews and provide valuable feedback to colleagues based on Factry's Coding Guidelines.
  • Perform quality assurance (QA) by testing User Stories throughout the development cycle from the end-user's perspective.
  • Actively participate in code refactoring to optimize the software experience, maintainability, and performance.

Frontend (30%)

  • Design and implement core functionalities of the products using Svelte JS.
  • Improve the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of the software.
  • Participate in extending Factry's Coding Guidelines, with a specific focus on UI/UX guidelines.

As a Technical Lead, you additionally guide the team in the technical implementation of projects, inspire team members, and play a key role in creating self-managing teams within Factry. You help prepare the team for future growth and the efficient delivery of multiple projects simultaneously.


    Experience and Background

    • A master’s/bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field.
    • At least 5 years of relevant experience in the sector, preferably with MES systems and industrial automation.
    • Experience with full stack development:
    • Frontend (preferably with Svelte JS)
    • Backend (preferably with Go, C#, .NET, or Java)
    • Experience with quality assurance (QA) and code refactoring.
    • Experience in implementing business logic within the process industry.
    • Experience with IT architecture, such as CI pipelines, DevOps, Linux, Docker stack, etc., is a plus.
    • Experience working in an agile/scrum environment is a plus.


    • Proactive and Result-Oriented: Someone who takes initiative, focuses on achieving results, and successfully completes tasks and projects.
    • Quality-Oriented and Stress-Resistant: Strives for excellence and can work effectively under pressure and tight deadlines.
    • Analytical and Problem-Solving Ability: Capable of understanding complex technical topics and solving problems quickly and efficiently.
    • Flexible Attitude: Can handle changing circumstances and demands well.
    • Communicative and Team-Oriented: Works well with colleagues, contributes to a positive team dynamic, and communicates clearly and directly.
    • Eager to Learn: Always willing to acquire new skills and knowledge to improve oneself and the team.

    Language Skills

    • You have active knowledge of Dutch and English, both spoken and written.


    Factry is a young and dynamic company that stands out as an innovative scale-up in the industrial software sector. As "the new kid on the block," Factry aims to provide solutions with the bigger picture in mind, resulting in lasting impact for clients. Working at Factry means contributing to the future of industrial processes.

    The company has strong and realistic growth ambitions to expand to 25 employees by 2024. This growth offers opportunities for key positions like the Technical Lead, where you can advance within the organization. The team consists of young, motivated individuals who each contribute to the uniqueness of Factry in their own way.

    At Factry, there is a "work hard, play hard" culture with a start-up mentality, located in the center of Ghent. Your contributions are impactful and visible in products such as Lotus dinosaur cookies or the beer you drink.



    Technical Lead – Software Developer @ Factry

    Factry is a scale-up software company focused on optimizing industrial processes through its advanced data management platform and Manufacturing Execution System. Since its establishment in 2016, with headquarters in the heart of Ghent, Factry has grown into a significant player in the industrial sector, both nationally and internationally. The company currently has 18 employees and generates a turnover of 1.4 million euros. With a growing customer base of 34 companies, including prominent names such as Puratos, Stow, Agristo, Roger&Roger, Tata Steel, Hunter Douglas, and Lesaffre, Factry has firmly established itself in the global market.

    Factry was founded to address the shortcomings of existing and outdated industrial software. With state-of-the-art software that utilizes IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies, they meet the modern needs and demands of the industry.

    Factry focuses on creating a lean manufacturing machine through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. The Factry Historian and Factry OS solutions help companies digitize their production processes and increase efficiency. This leads to, among other things, clarity on the shop floor, simplified reporting, and lean production with less downtime, costs, and waste.

    Factry OS Factry OS is an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with operator-guiding software designed to manage and optimize production processes. This system offers real-time visibility, control, and analysis of production activities, leading to an efficient and paperless factory. Factry OS enables companies to collect, store, and visualize data from various industrial sources and integrates this data into a single interface.

    The system helps identify and resolve process inefficiencies and bottlenecks and improves product quality by taking automatic corrective actions in the event of defects. Factry OS provides a single access point for all process data, available through any web browser, and uses custom dashboards for monitoring and analysis. The platform can be deployed both locally and in the cloud, offering a scalable solution for modern production environments.

    Future Challenges The main challenge for Factry in the next 2 to 3 years is scaling up the teams and building self-managing teams with the necessary know-how specific to MES implementations. Additionally, exploring and implementing new technologies, such as AI integration within industrial processes, will be a focus. Factry continues to commit to transforming the manufacturing industry by developing software that radically simplifies learning from industrial data, allowing manufacturing companies to streamline their processes and improve their business results.

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