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Technical Lead Front-End Development @ Soda Data



Your role as Technical Lead front-end engineering is critical to the further growth of Soda Data. Your ideas, vision and architecture will determine how end users experience the product suite. This will have a direct impact on the adoption of users and therefore on the success of the product and, by extension, the organization.

Tasks & responsibilities:

From your experience in front-end software development you take the lead in the further development of the product suite.

– You analyse the needs of the customer in terms of user experience / interface (UX/UI) and translate these into a front-end architecture and vision. You will consult with the CTO and product management on technical choices and the further elaboration of the product roadmap.
– You take the lead in the field of development within the domain of front-end engineering. In the first years you will also work as a Senior Developer. As the team grows, you will be given the opportunity to take on more managerial responsibilities if desired. 
– Together with the CTO you will take the lead in continuously raising the maturity level of the development organisation. To this end, you take initiatives to coach colleagues on a technical level and provide best practices.

In building the SAAS software architecture, Soda Data has been able to start using the latest technology and best practices to build scalable product suite. Technology stack: Angular – Java back-end – Apache Spark – AWS. 


– Master Degree or equal trough experience.
– A first experience in a similar role.
– Extensive experience with front-end software development.
– Strong knowledge of Javascript
– You have an interest in UX/UI and understand what great user experience looks like- Analytical capability
– Flexibility – being able to participate in an environment that is rapidly evolving and agile.
– Ownership
– Team player 
– You have a strong technical affinity and combine it with good communication skills. After all, you consult very frequently with colleagues in your team or even with customers. However, you are also able to work autonomously.
– You have a pragmatic attitude. A problem solver who can also look ahead. You are eager to learn and like to follow new technological developments closely.


Soda Data is located in Brussels. All employees are ambitious and have the ultimate goal to change the world a little, but above all to have fun in what they do. The cultural fit is therefore a must have for this interesting challenge. On a regular basis informal team moments are organized.

– Soda Data is a flat organisation, with short reporting lines, agile state-of-mind and the ability to shape your innovative ideas and learn more.
– Fully remote team working is possible to reduce travel and work more effectively. A company culture of no red tape and with a getting things done attitude.

– You will have the opportunity to be there from the start, having a big impact. Soda is at very early stage, yet far enough advanced that it has a reliable future.
– The opportunity to work in a young, ambitious and growing team and to further develop your expertise; – A challenge in which your proactivity will play an important role, where you can grow together with the organization and where there is a real chance that you will reach unprecedented heights. – A company with global ambition, in a role with direct impact on the success of the product and the organisation.

If you could be interested, please get in touch with Amber Fabré via



Architect Applications, Front-end, Javascript (Angular, React, ...)

Technical Lead Front-End Development @ Soda Data

Maarten Masschelein and Tom Baeyens are the 2 founders of Soda Data. Maarten and Tom, both are active for over 10 years in the world of tech start-ups and scale-ups. They combined their extensive knowledge in (big) data and workflow management to create a new start-up with the ambition to become the number one data monitoring platform

More and more companies are using machine learning models to create fully automated software products. Some of these smart data-driven products make use of more then 200 datasets in order to set prices or optimize process flows.  "Data is the new oil" said mathematician Clive Humby back in 2006. Today, new business models are fully automatically based on existing data sets. Data quality is vital for these machine learning models. At the start of these models, the quality of the used data sets is always top notch. Problems start once the model is up and running and goes into continuous production. Here Soda Data offers the solution.

Soda data ensures data integrity in new data-driven business models. Soda doesn’t just monitor datasets. It identifies and prioritizes data issues that are causing the business the most damage, and helps the customer to walk through a resolution workflow.  There is great demand for SAAS software within this domain. Soda Enterprise deploys as a managed service in the private cloud of the customer. It seamlessly connects to the data sources (without moving any data), and starts right away, before the customer even have to lift a finger. The focus in the commercial expansion of the organization is on North America and Europe. The first reference customers are already in place with, among others, the American company HBO and Volkswagen Europe. In addition, the necessary funding through investment companies is also present to further boost the growth of the company. 

In order to further realize these ambitions, there is a need for additional seniority, someone with a passion for front-end development. Someone who has the ambition with his soul, dedication, ideas and skills to help create a company and a product suite that is game changing.

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