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Team Lead Technical Solution Architecture @ Departement Omgeving (Vlaanderen Connect)



As Techlead Solution Architecture, you will have the following duties and responsibilities: 

  • You are responsible for designing and implementing architecture guidelines and standards. You coordinate the development of these standards and components and advise on implementation and procedures. 
  • You coordinate architectural decisions and technology choices for new applications or components.
  • You contribute to the creation of the project architecture and resolve conflicting requirements with technical solutions. You perform architectural reviews and ensure compliance with agreed architectural decisions.
  • You coordinate the elaboration of the service catalogue of services offered by architecture. For example, also agreements around ownership and maintenance of common components.
  • Communication and consultation are essential to the role. You communicate about needs and improvement opportunities and participate in various consultation forums. You discuss project definitions and statuses with stakeholders and consult with fellow architects.
  • Keeping knowledge within the field is important. You monitor market developments and new technologies, contribute to knowledge management and share best practices with other architects. You perform coursework, represent the organization at ICT forums and contribute to the further professionalization and quality enhancement of the architecture function.


As Techlead Solution Architecture, we are looking for a person with good organizational capabilities, coupled with a strong technical baggage and great sense of human interaction.

  • Experience in software and data architecture and designing common building blocks and components, preferably in an open source context
  • Java, Python and R are the development languages often used in the development teams. Experience with Apache NiFi (data flow automation), technologies such as Minio S3 for datalakes or open source data storage and Trino (distributed SQL for big data) are pluses
  • Interest in the social relevance that Department of Environment stands for
  • Interest in environment-related issues
  • Have experience leading technically focused people and the ability to bring people together both inside and outside the team
  • Strong project management skills, including scoping, planning and execution
  • Strong communication skills (networker)
  • Team player with a sense of responsibility


  • Very good and strong team culture, 
  • Lots of collaboration and communication, providing growth opportunities for individuals
  • Open culture focused on teamwork/collaboration
  • Growth opportunities for all roles, focusing on individuals
  • Socially relevant context and concrete applications
  • Working out future domains through re-engineering and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, such as other entities, departments and stakeholders, to identify their needs and requirements and integrate these into the elaboration of future domains

Working through Flanders connect 
As Techlead Solution Architecture, you will be recruited as an employee for an open-ended contract through Vlaanderen connect. This entity is responsible for the recruitment of strategic ICT functions and makes them available to its member-government organizations, such as in this case: Department Environment

In this way, you enjoy the benefits of working for the Flemish Government, but can also count on market-based benefits that are usual for such a position. In addition, you can grow and develop yourself through the enormous potential of challenging positions through Vlaanderen connect at the Flemish government and local administrations.


Teamlead Architecture, Solution Architect

Team Lead Technical Solution Architecture @ Departement Omgeving (Vlaanderen Connect)

Company, solutions and services

The Environment Department strives for a quality living environment with respect for people, animals and ecosystems. Here, environmental, ecological and spatial considerations and development choices are made in the interests of Flemish society, with the aim of achieving sustainable use of various natural resources in a low-carbon, energy-efficient and climate-intelligent society. The Environment Department strives for a strong link between ecological, social and economic dimensions.

Values of the Department

The Department makes careful environmental, ecological and spatial considerations, and makes development decisions in the interests of Flemish society. It strives for the sustainable use of natural resources, in a society that is low-carbon, energy-efficient and climate-conscious. Moreover, a strong connection between ecological, social and economic aspects is pursued.

Structure of the organization

The Department of Environment consists of several departments: 

  • Policy Development and Legal Support Division 
  • Animal Welfare Division
  • Division of Area Development, Environmental Planning and Projects 
  • Division of Enforcement
  • Division of Partnerships with Governance and Society 
  • Flemish Environmental Planning Office Division
  • Division of Strategy, International, Digitization and Organization 

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