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Solutions Architect @ BioLizard



BioLizard wishes to develop a valuable toolbox that offers a wide range of technology tools and solutions that can help customers harness the power of data. This toolbox uses various frameworks and architecture concepts, such as data meshes, to enable them to tackle complex issues in bioinformatics, data science and machine learning. By deploying this toolbox, clients can work more efficiently, make better decisions and gain valuable insights from their data.

Specifically, the Solutions Architect acts as the bridge between scientific expertise and the IT solutions needed to address complex challenges. He has the ability to understand the needs of scientists and translate them into concrete and efficient IT solutions.

The Solutions Architect plays a strategic role in designing and implementing solutions that encompass both scientific objectives and technical requirements. The Solutions Architect has process thinking skills and guides scientists in identifying the most appropriate IT tools and processes to take their research to the next level.

By making the right connection between scientific thinking and IT solutions, the Solutions Architect plays a key role in strengthening operational efficiency, optimising workflows and driving innovation. The Solutions Architect  guides scientists and helps them realise the full potential of their research, while strengthening the organisation's technology strategy.

With the arrival of a Solutions Architect, BioLizard is able to offer an integrated approach that encompasses both scientific excellence and technological expertise. 

The Solutions Architect has a wide range of duties and responsibilities, all of which focus on designing and implementing IT solutions that encompass the scientific objectives and technical requirements.

Some key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Customer-focused design: As a Solutions Architect, your responsibility is to create strategic designs that align with customers' scientific objectives and technical requirements. This includes identifying and understanding these objectives and requirements, as well as selecting the right technologies, frameworks and tools to achieve the desired results.
  • Bridge function: As a liaison between scientific expertise and IT solutions, the Solutions Architect understands the needs of scientists and translates them into concrete and efficient IT solutions. This requires a deep understanding of both scientific and technological aspects of the work.
  • Guide implementation: Besides designing the solution, the Solutions Architect is responsible for guiding its implementation. This includes ensuring proper implementation and integration of the IT solutions into existing systems and processes. The Solutions Architect drafts detailed technical specifications, guides developers and ensures the quality of the implementation.
  • Provide advice and guidance: The Solutions Architect advises and guides scientists in choosing appropriate IT tools and processes to take their research to the next level. He offers support in solving technical issues, provides guidelines and best practices, and helps scientists make decisions to optimise their work processes.
  • Team expansion and strengthening: In addition to technical tasks, the Solutions Architect plays a role in building and strengthening the team. Together with other team members, he works to attract, select and develop the right people. This includes mentoring and training team members, fostering collaboration and creating a culture of continuous improvement and growth.
  • By performing these duties and responsibilities effectively, the Solutions Architect plays a key role in enhancing operational efficiency, optimising workflows and driving innovation within BioLizard. You will help scientists realise their research potential and contribute to strengthening the organisation's technology strategy.


  • At least a master's degree in computer science or a master's degree in bioinformatics/(bio)engineering/biotechnology with a strong foundation in software engineering.
  • Design and oversee the implementation of data (analytics) architectures that support client business objectives and meet performance, scalability, security and compliance requirements.
  • Experience with cloud computing services such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, experience working in solution delivery lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Knowledge of computational research processes in the life science industry is considered an advantage.
  • Skill in close customer interaction, managing technical and business requirements with different stakeholders.
  • Strong project management and reporting skills.
  • Knowledge or background in life sciences.
  • Fluent in English, with good communication skills.
  • Willing to travel if required (depending on project).


As a Solutions Architect at BioLizard, you will have the unique opportunity to be involved in multidisciplinary projects in the booming biotechnology and biomedical industry. You will play a key role in leading the design, development and implementation of complex solutions within life sciences. This means you will be involved in challenging tasks such as designing a detailed blueprint for an advanced data platform, overseeing the development of a platform for streamlining computational pipelines, or driving the IT roadmap to enable machine learning operations within the organisation.

What makes BioLizard so attractive is not only the nature of the projects you work on, but also the company culture and growth prospects. BioLizard is a small and dynamic company with an agile working environment. You will be in direct contact with various customers and have the opportunity to work closely with scientists, researchers and other technical experts. This makes for a stimulating and collaborative work environment where you can develop your skills and add value to pioneering projects.

BioLizard has a strong commitment to improving human health and quality of life through data. As a Solutions Architect, this gives you the opportunity to make a real impact and make a positive change. Along with BioLizard's growth story, where you can contribute to the development and expansion of the company, this role offers a challenging and rewarding career opportunity for someone who is passionate about the intersection of science, technology and data-driven innovation.


Amon is the exclusive recruitment partner for this role at BioLizard. Interested? Contact Jolien Patoor: or 0497 32 18 21.

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Solution Architect

Solutions Architect @ BioLizard

BioLizard is based in Ghent, Belgium, a growing hub for biotechnology in Europe. As a growing scale-up, they provide state-of-the-art bioinformatics, data science and machine learning solutions to solve customer issues in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. As a customer intimate company, they adapt to their customers' data environment. Besides developing customised solutions that meet customers' specific needs and challenges, there is also a growing focus on building platforms to enable customers to solve complex biological questions.

By acting as the connecting link between IT and R&D, BioLizard ensures that both parties can communicate effectively and understand each other. They translate technical concepts into understandable language for researchers and ensure that R&D needs and objectives are translated into IT solutions. This enables collaboration on pioneering discoveries and innovations in life sciences.

BioLizard also positions itself as a strategic partner for companies. They actively explore the potential of data and design the right architecture. Their aim is to support clients in formulating a solid data strategy and successfully implementing solutions that add significant value to their business.

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