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SOC Analyst @ Itsme



Itsme faces continuous threats from malicious actors seeking unauthorized access to sensitive information. The company's commitment to security is not only a regulatory necessity but also an integral part of delivering a reliable and secure digital identity solution to their users, due to the sensitive nature of a significant portion of their data and services. The SOC Analyst plays a pivotal role in proactively identifying and mitigating these threats through continuous monitoring, incident response, informing stakeholders and intelligence sharing. The SOC Analyst will actively handle emerging threats, minimize security attacks, prevent leaks and develop robust strategies to counter emerging cyber threats. The imperative is to insource Security Operations for the critical parts of the solution to reduce reliance on external partners in order to enhance security and safety, making growth crucial in achieving these objectives.

Tasks and responsibilities

The primary focus of the SOC Analyst includes three key priorities:

1. Blue Teaming – Triage Queue: The analyst will actively engage in blue teaming activities, particularly in managing and prioritizing the triage queue. This involves the assessment and categorization of security incidents for effective response.

2. Threat Hunting: Conducting proactive threat hunting activities to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities before they manifest into incidents. This involves exploring systems and networks to detect hidden threats.

3. Detection and Monitoring of Current Systems: The SOC Analyst will play a crucial role in the ongoing detection and monitoring of existing systems. This includes continuous surveillance to identify and respond to any suspicious or malicious activities in real-time and define new use cases for monitoring and detection.



Background and experience

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • At least 3 years of relevant hands-on experience
  • Ideally, the candidate should have a background in blue teaming, bringing prior experience and expertise in defensive cybersecurity operations.
  • Essential to the role is previous experience with scripting. While proficiency in a specific scripting language like bash or python is crucial, the exact language is not a determining factor.
  • Minimal GSEC + GCIH or other industry equivalent certifications and GPEN, GCLD, GPCS, GWEB, GCIA certifications are a plus


  • Autonomously make decisions during incident responses. This role requires individuals who can confidently navigate and react to potentially hazardous situations without supervision.
  • Itsme provides a platform for progression from blue teaming to purple and red teaming. The emphasis is on rapid technical learning and extensive training opportunities.
  • The company encourages substantial horizontal growth, allowing individuals to diversify their skills and responsibilities.
  • A fun, enthusiastic and ambitious team in a fast-moving scale-up environment with offices in Brussels, combined with flexibility in terms of remote working
  • A fixed contract, with an attractive compensation package
  • Be a part of their national and international growth



SOC Analyst @ Itsme

Belgian Mobile ID, known for the successful app itsme®, is a Belgian scale-up and pioneer in digitalisation. In 2017, Belgian Mobile ID united the seven Belgian market leaders from the banking and telecommunications sector: Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, ING and Orange Belgium, Proximus and Telenet. Together, they developed itsme®, Belgium's official mobile identity. With this mobile identity app, every Belgian can identify himself when logging in to digital applications, when approving (payment) transactions and even when signing official documents. Card readers, passwords or cards with tokens are no longer needed. itsme® guarantees secure identification through the combination of the itsme® app, the user's mobile phone and the user's unique itsme® PIN or biometric identification. itsme® is recognised as an Assurance Level 'High' e-identifier and as a 'Qualified' provider of trust services for electronic signatures in the eIDAS regulation, which means that the app meets the highest security levels.

By 2020, three years after its launch, 2.8 million Belgians will have installed the itsme® app and a total of 90 million transactions will have been made. In 2021, itsme® continues to grow with more than 100,000 new end users per month and more than 10 million transactions per month.

Belgian Mobile ID established partnerships with more than 800 companies, both in the public and private sectors. Government is counted as one partner in this total, with more than 2,000 platforms. Although itsme® is mainly used for government purposes and in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors, the importance of the app is also growing in other sectors. Examples of other sectors include the gaming industry (e.g. Napoleon Games), HR sector, hospitals, mobility services, … This versatility of sectors demonstrates the scalability of the application. Examples of use:

– In the gaming sector, itsme® can be used to check identity card validity and age, which is required at the time of payment.

– In hospitals, itsme® can be used to check medical records or book appointments.

To further expand itsme® app's product offering, Belgian Mobile ID is exploring data sharing. Data are scattered everywhere (with the government, your university, your employer,…) and have their own life cycle. With the app itsme®, Belgian Mobile ID aims to fill this gap and be the bridge between two entities, where an end-user gives explicit permission to exchange data (but without storing the data on itsme® side).

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