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Senior Quality Expert @ Nowjobs



Nowjobs has grown rapidly in recent years, with the IT specialists growing from 10 to over 30 people in two years. Each project team is already strongly committed to testing, quality checks and the creation of product frameworks, but with this new position as Senior Quality Expert, the intention is to further develop and streamline the organisation's Testing and Quality lines at a higher, organisational level. 

As a Senior Quality Expert you will be part of Nowjobs' multidisciplinary team. In this position you can grow on a commercial, communicative and technical level.
At the start you will be part of the Nowjobs architecture team. The objective is to work out a global strategy in which the test and quality needs of the organisation are further optimised and streamlined. You will map out these test needs, introduce them and also create a first draft in order to show other colleagues the way, for example. 
In time, it will also be your responsibility to supervise the (offshore) Test Automation Engineers of Nowjobs and support them technically in their development. 
Your previous hands-on, in-depth knowledge of testing will help you, on the one hand, to find out new things within the organisation and, on the other hand, to transfer your knowledge to your internal colleagues. 

Tasks and responsibilities 

As Senior Quality Expert you will be involved from the analysis phase to proactively monitor the quality of projects. For a new project, you will carry out various investigations to determine which framework is best used. In addition, you will regularly consult with Nowjobs' IT technical colleagues to exchange ideas and you will be the person who will speak up when a final choice is made in terms of testing and quality. 

Not only will you actively perform and write tests, you will also create awareness among colleagues to work in accordance with the agreements made.   

You will monitor the quality of the products and ensure good working relations with internal stakeholders. 

  • You facilitate, support and guide colleagues with:
  • Writing and defining acceptance criteria.
  • Writing and defining test scenarios.
  • Writing and defining test cases.
  • Planning and follow-up of the tests.
  • Scope of the tests
  • You develop and implement best practices, new ideas and process improvements, taking into account the ideas and input of colleagues. You define actions to improve the daily automatic tests and follow them up. You validate the issues/CRs before they are delivered. You are an active member of the scrum teams and will play an important role in the delivery of releases. 


  • Broad experience in testing (manual, frontend, backend, automation….) 
  • Practical experience with the automation of test cases and related frameworks (such as Cypress, Postman, Jest…)
  • Interest and/or experience with performance and load/stress testing tools
  • You are able to write a good automated test (= in code). Developing correct test code is a must, as this must be able to serve as an example for the rest of the team
  • Ideally at least three years of relevant experience in testing 


  • A great opportunity to further develop an innovative platform in the lap of a financially stable organisation and bring it to the next level where scalability will be an important aspect.
  • A flat structure with very close cooperation with the top of the organisation.
  • The time and freedom to do business and the means to look ahead. A loyal client base, with many opportunities for additional projects and with the use of the latest technologies.
  • A good balance between working at home and at the office in Ghent. 


Amon is the exclusive recruitment partner for this role at Nowjobs. Interested? Contact Henry Beddeleem: or 0473 22 21 64.
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Testing & QA

Senior Quality Expert @ Nowjobs

Nowjobs is an online recruitment platform that makes it possible to fill flexible vacancies (so-called Flexi-jobs) completely digitally. For the employer this offers maximum flexibility – 24/7 and right up to the last minute. For the employee ( mainly students ) there is no time wasted by travelling to recruitment offices and filling in piles of documents. Life with Nowjobs is 100% mobile: from finding a job to getting paid instantly (flash payments).
The platform's users come primarily from sectors such as the hospitality, events, administration, retail and logistics industries. These are employment sectors that require a very high level of labour flexibility. Via the platform, it is possible to schedule large teams (e.g. staff of Tomorrowland, Werchter, Humo, discotheques, supermarket chains such as Spar…) fully automatically. An enormous gain in efficiency for this type of company. The application is available anytime, anywhere and extremely transparent (including labour costs) for both the employer (mobile and web-based) and the employee (fully mobile). In just three steps, you can register as a user of the platform.

In the current evolving labour market, there is an ever-increasing demand from various organisations for fast, efficient interim workers. The outbreak of the covid pandemic became the opportunity for Nowjobs to expand into other business areas. The organisation is now also active in the logistics, medical and retail sectors. Increasing demand from customers such as HelloFresh, Mediamarkt, Albert Heijn and Carrefour also ensured continued exponential growth. 

Highlight and figures from Nowjobs

  • Staff growth from 0 to 100 employees in just over 5 years 
  • Turnover growth from 600,000 to 90 million EUR in over 5 years 
  • More than 439,000 sideline workers use the platform
  • The NPS score when using the application is > 50 
  • 15.000 employers are active on the platform
  •  70 per cent of Nowjobs' revenue comes from hospitality contracts

Nowjobs is part of House of HR, a financially healthy and international HR company with subsidiaries such as Accent, Abylsen, Redmore, TEC, Covebo and Vialegis. House of HR has a network of more than 500 offices in Europe, with a strong presence in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France, but also in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Romania and Poland. The international impact of House of HR also has a positive impact on the rapid growth of Nowjobs' product.

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