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Senior Fullstack Engineer @ CAT Solutions



At CAT Solutions, every employee guarantees a hands-on and critical approach with the goal of fulfilling the client's needs. Your knowledge domains are steadily built up and you are not afraid to tackle new domains in consultation with us. At CAT Solutions, new developers (under supervision) can make a commit to the production branch on day one.

Customer contact is rather an exception: you will have little contact with the customer unless it is instructive to see the work floor and feel the atmosphere, or it would be useful to have you there when it concerns very complex material. But conversely, customers are never going to call you, not even for defects.

As a Senior Full-stack Engineer, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • You will be introduced to the many dimensions of the comprehensive software product. After a few small assignments in pair programming to get used to it, you will quickly receive a solid assignment on which you can work for several days. The support is ad-hoc and depends on the development of your knowledge.  This then grows into assignments within the same domain or a new domain, depending on the objectives to be achieved by the development team;
  • You read code fluently, and have no problem with a 50/50 ratio, especially since there are over 1 million lines of code with over 30,000 classes. Code is written in Java, additional tests are written in Groovy. You get used to this incredibly quickly. There are continuous pipelines running all thousands of tests for quick feedback;
  • You ask critical questions, think along with us and make improvement proposals in the context of documentation;
  • You are self-taught and, when necessary, take a look at a Udemy course. You are up to date with the recent evolutions and try to estimate their impact on the ProfitPlus software;
  • You have an analytical mind, but are also a problem solver and preventer. You can understand your problems well and can indicate where there could still be corner cases;
  • You work across the entire stack: from database to button. The software includes hundreds of tables, more than 500 screens, tens of thousands of classes and millions of lines of code. Domains such as logistics, reporting, specific processes (e.g. workflows for transport, e-commerce), integrations and document generation are addressed;
  • You will also be responsible for the extensions and possibly the maintenance of the partial solutions after deployment.


  • De taal Java is jouw natuur;
  • Engelse en Nederlandse taalvaardigheid is jouw tweede taal;
  • Je hebt wel al eens gehoord van Groovy, of hebt latente kennis van andere talen (ruby, python, flutter, …);
  • Je hebt ervaring met Hibernate;
  • Je leest vlot code, en hebt geen probleem met een 50/50 verhouding (misschien zelfs in het begin 80/20);
  • Je bent autodidact en schaamt niet om eens wat Udemy cursussen te bekijken:
  • Je kan goed googlen of eens wat kennis van stackoverflow te halen;
  • Ervaring met projecten met een grotere codebase;
  • Ervaring met projecten waaraan meerdere mensen tegelijk werken (al dan niet aan andere onderdelen);
  • Je hebt reeds ervaring met business logica uit een verleden;
  • Je bent analytisch ingesteld, maar ook een problem solver, alsook een problem-preventor. Je kan je problemen goed begrijpen en zelf aangeven waar er nog corner cases zouden kunnen zitten:
  • Je stroopt de handen uit de mouwen om engelstalige developer documentatie zelf aan te passen wanneer er nood aan is en hebt dan ook geen problemen om dit te laten nakijken.


CAT Solutions offers a challenging, varied role with a broad impact. You can also count on enthusiastic colleagues with a lot of subject matter knowledge, who are very accessible and ready to help you (or play a table soccer match). You will be part of a team of xkcd fans, the office, silicon valley, and even final fantasy gamers.

You'll work in a strong growth company where IT plays an important strategic role. An innovative, progressive environment that is constantly evolving. There is a lot of challenge that will help you grow into an even better developer: you will gain a lot of knowledge about business flows, and receive sufficient and honest feedback on your performance. 

Everyone will be deployed on their strengths, but this will be alternated in a balanced way with assignments in domains you are not yet familiar with, so that your personal development gets a boost. CAT Solutions guarantees a no-nonsense approach and organization led by people who know what they are doing. The CEO of the organization is also technically and process-wise educated, which ensures that all projects that come in are feasible to work out technically.

There are many opportunities for growth: in addition to continuous guidance and training, there is a bookcase with interesting books on development, management that is available 7/7, fun team building events, an annual barbeque, an annual dinner with the partner, sometimes a quiz, … 

There is a flexible work arrangement with home working, attention to a good balance between work and private life. In addition, you can count on an attractive and comprehensive salary package with a company car and bonus.


ERP, Java

Senior Fullstack Engineer @ CAT Solutions

CAT Solutions was founded in 2008 as an IT company that develops and implements ERP solutions. CAT Solutions has in-depth expertise in developing total solutions for SMEs in different sectors: distribution, retail, production companies, project companies and service companies. The philosophy is always the same: CAT Solutions builds solid and elegant solutions with a long life span (>10 years)

By offering a complete and sustainable solution, including advice, service and guarantees into the future, CAT Solutions wants to be an extension of their customers. Their efficient approach and expertise saves customers a lot of time and makes all information readily available and visible.

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