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Lead Front End Engineer @ Doccle



Doccle has the ambition to become a loved brand: the number one platform for Belgian citizens to organize their (digital) paperwork. Today, they have 2.6 million users. Doccle is convinced that the more users they have, the more companies will join their platform. To attract even more users, Doccle is investing heavily in its front-end, and is looking for a Lead Engineer to take ownership of this front-end. As Lead Front End Engineer you will have a direct impact on the success of one of the most promising digital platforms in Belgium.

The Lead Front End Engineer will play a key role on the path to a more data-driven, iterative and lean product development. Starting from identifying the user needs, you will set priorities, build new features, measure user satisfaction and deploy improvements. And you’ll do it all while evangelizing best practices and keeping an eye on the bigger picture

Doccle expects their Lead Front End Engineer to enthusiastically take on the role of Tech Owner, which makes you the authority in your field. With your in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies, you will help Doccle create an optimal user experience for over 2.6 million users.

You enthuse your team (and the customers!) for beautiful code and cool tricks, and you’re always willing to perform First Aid for front-end issues. But perhaps even better is that you will actively be involved in technological development. On a day-to-day basis, development will still take up most of your time.

Setting out guidelines is a must for you to create a good competitive front-end that is ready for the future. You are not limited to your own field, but are able to discuss the needs of different stakeholders inside and outside the company. Together with other Tech Leads, you are responsible for your part of the architectural roadmap of our technology stack.

Over time, you will also take on a coaching role towards a fellow front-end engineer, embedded in the learning & development model within Doccle.


Background and experience

  • Development experience on a senior level with an in-depth knowledge of React and Next.js
  • Knowledge of module builders such as Webpack and familiarity with preprocessors such as SASS;
  • Experience with front-end migration projects from legacy to new technology stacks;


  • You bring a good dose of humor and enthusiasm to the table;
  • You have an eye for design and interaction;
  • You are curious about new technologies;
  • You can keep a good overview and set priorities;
  • You have the ambition to make things better, demonstrating a constructive-critical approach. You do not only point out problems, but also propose solutions;
  • You are creative, but also pragmatic. Based on the new technology stack (React and Next.js), you always keep your eyes open for creative ideas and solutions;
  • Creating the Doccle application is teamwork. You’ll have to be able and enjoy working within a team;


  • You are fluent in English


  • As the Lead Front End Engineer – together with a team of designers and engineers – you will make the Doccle application come to life, and make it the number one love brand for digital administration in Belgium;
  • You will be able to experiment with the latest techniques in your field, like React and Next.js
  • The Doccle organization combines the best of both worlds: the characteristic agility of a scale-up environment on top of a financially stable business model;
  • The horizontal organizational structure with short lines of communication allows quick decision making and strong visibility of your efforts;
  • You will be able to take ownership of the front-end and be actively involved in determining the vision of Doccle for the future;
  • The Doccle offices are located in Leuven. You’ll be able to work from home;


Application Development, Front-end, Javascript (Angular, React, ...)

Lead Front End Engineer @ Doccle

Doccle, known for its innovative platform, is a Belgian scale-up and pioneer in digitization of the administrative process. In 2012, Acerta, Telenet and CM united to set up a new platform for the digitization of all kinds of paper documents. Three completely different companies with completely different objectives (telecom player, HR service provider and health insurance fund) had one common problem: all three struggled with their digital administration. Through joint efforts, they developed and launched Doccle in 2014, Belgium’s first digital administration platform. With this platform, every Belgian citizen can send documents, receive payments and have them signed digitally. Paper invoices or documents, passwords and complicated registration are no longer required. In addition, the platform serves as a legal archive for the digital documents that an end-user sends and receives.

Since the launch of Doccle, the number of end-users, documents and partners has grown exponentially. In 2018, 1.25 million Belgian citizens made an account on Doccle and a total of 92 million documents were sent via the platform. Now, Doccle continues to grow with more than 2.6 million end-users and the storage of more than 125 million documents per year. Doccle also closed partnerships with more than 100 companies, both in public and private sectors. Examples of industries are the banking sector, hospitals and health insurance, HR and payroll companies,… This exponential growth in partners and end-users is a “network effect”.
New cooperatives attract new end-users. 

In 2021, the Belgian payment platform Isabel Group, known for the invoicing service Zoomit, joined Telenet as a shareholder of Doccle. These shareholders invested an extra 5 million euros in the coming years to make Doccle the platform of the future.

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