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Java Teamlead @ Zetes



The Java Team Lead position at Zetes is a new role, primarily focused on effective leadership and operational oversight of the Ruisbroek team, operating in a challenging environment. With a distribution of responsibilities, 70% of the role revolves around daily operations, including overseeing the secure production of documents, managing Ruisbroek projects, and playing a key role in supporting Java software. The role involves writing comprehensive technical documentation, analyzing and resolving reported issues, and actively participating in implementation processes, especially in production environments.

At the same time, the role encompasses a crucial aspect of 30% leadership. The Java Team Lead guides the team towards modern work practices, fosters collaboration, and connects the team with the broader organization. He/she is responsible for ensuring timely availability and quality of solutions, maintaining an efficient and sustainable development pace, and removing impediments outside the team.

The multifaceted responsibilities of the Java Team Lead include designing, creating, or modifying software and applications according to specifications and technical architecture.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Programming in a specific programming language (Java).
  • Implementing usable automated tests.
  • Performing corrective or progressive maintenance.
  • Writing technical documentation, detailing decisions and design choices.
  • Providing technical support to customers, both internally and externally.
  • Testing new technologies through Proof of Concept (POC). 

Project Management and leadership

  • Assembling and maintaining a team capable of delivering the required software solution.
  • Understanding and communicating project goals and constraints.
  • Monitoring development progress.
  • Effectively organizing the software team, considering aspects such as space, meetings, human relations, presence, and focus.
  • Communicating relevant information between the software team and stakeholders outside the software team, such as support, infrastructure, third parties, and external systems.
  • Ensuring thorough documentation of the project.
  • Preparing and leading progress meetings to keep stakeholders informed.


Hard Skills:

  • Knowledge of security principles, including digital signatures, certificates, encryption, and PKI.
  • Proficiency in front-end UX design.
  • Experience with FrontEnd fat clients (e.g., JSE, Dotnet, Qt…).
  • Proficiency in front-end web technologies (HTML, JS, ASP…).
  • Knowledge of back-end business development.
  • Ability to control the development environment.
  • Skill in managing data access via SQL, JPA, etc. Proficiency in classical interfacing methods such as REST, SOAP, and Queue.
  • Scripting capabilities. 

Leadership and management skills

  • Ability to manage, unite, and empower a team.
  • Demonstrated interest and inclination toward leadership.

Soft Skills:

  • Strong team skills and collaboration abilities within and between teams.
  • Quick responsiveness and availability.
  • Sense of accuracy and meticulous, qualitative work.
  • Optimal time and priority management.
  • Problem-solving ability with a focus on addressing root causes.
  • Analytical skills, logical/objective reasoning, and the ability to consolidate ideas.
  • Diplomacy, empathy, and active listening skills in interactions.
  • Effective communication skills for teamwork and collaboration.
  • Strong argumentation, persuasion, and negotiation skills. Independent problem-solving ability. 


  • Minimum of 7 years of experience with software projects.


Zetes offers a competitive salary package including meal vouchers, health insurance, and an annual performance bonus. A flexible work environment and excellent fringe benefits, such as daily meals paid for by Zetes, etc., are part of the competitive salary package.

Zetes offers you a challenging role in a high-tech environment. You'll work in a team that integrates various state-of-the-art technologies in both software and hardware. Due to the internationally growing demand for robust solutions related to all identity domains, Zetes is a successful and financially stable organization.

Moreover, a lot of variety, autonomy, and interaction with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders are guaranteed. Zetes refers to the opportunity for a personalized development program (management, leadership, interpersonal skills, technical skills, etc.) and the possibility to specialize in a domain that is quite exceptional in Belgium.


Java, Teamlead Development

Java Teamlead @ Zetes

Zetes – pioneer of the barcode – was founded in 1984 and is an international group highly specialized in identification and mobility solutions.

"Connecting what matters" and "Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds" constitute the core of the company: physical movements and digital flows, their customers and their critical data, as well as consumers and businesses, citizens and governments. By leveraging the most innovative technologies, Zetes enables customers to enhance speed, quality, and accuracy, thus staying ahead in their respective sectors.

Zetes' headquarters are located in Brussels, with a team comprising over 1,300 experts (approximately 330 in Belgium) spread across 22 countries in the EMEA region.

In 2017, the Zetes Group became part of the Panasonic Corporation but continues to operate as an independent subsidiary with its own management.

For over 30 years, Zetes has been offering innovative solutions for automatic identification and mobility. Whether optimizing supply chain execution (Goods ID) or personal identification (People ID), the solutions ensure end-to-end visibility and data protection.

Identification, authentication, digitization, and traceability are becoming increasingly important. Alongside this comes the necessity to secure various aspects of life. The rise in trade, the explosion of the internet, and increased mobility of people are realities that increasingly affect and complicate lives. Consequently, commercial organizations and governments seek ways to streamline processes while obtaining the necessary information to make informed decisions.

By bridging the physical and digital worlds, Zetes' Goods ID and People ID solutions enable them to achieve these objectives, automate workflows, and provide better visibility, through their IT systems, of the movements of goods and people. Zetes utilizes various technologies and closely monitors technological advancements to efficiently address their clients' challenges.

Through Goods ID Solutions, Zetes plays a significant role in assisting businesses in tackling the challenges of global tracing, such as serialization, parallel markets, security, legal obligations, and counterfeiting. Zetes integrates next-generation cloud platforms with advanced technologies such as imaging, voice recognition, RFID, encoding, and mobile terminals.

Zetes also provides governments and supranational institutions with secure solutions to correctly authenticate their populations and meet the highest international requirements for issuing secure ID/travel documents and organizing democratic elections through People ID Solutions. Zetes has over 15 years of experience in implementing sensitive projects for governments and supranational organizations. Reliability is one of the key features of the solutions, along with organizational flexibility and the ability to execute. Through this approach, Zetes can provide citizens with the best assurances to prove their identity.

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