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IT Manager (payroll of freelance) @ Matexi



The tasks and responsibilities of the IT Manager at Matexi are diverse and encompass both strategic and operational aspects. Below is a detailed description:

  • Stakeholder management: The IT Manager is responsible for maintaining strong relationships with both internal stakeholders, such as the management team and other departments, as well as external partners, such as suppliers and IT service providers. This includes understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders, communicating IT initiatives, and effectively managing expectations.
  • Strategy and vision: The IT Manager plays a leading role in defining and implementing Matexi's IT strategy and vision. This includes identifying technological trends and opportunities, determining long-term goals, and developing a roadmap for IT initiatives that support business objectives.
  • People management: As a people manager, the IT Manager is responsible for leading, motivating, and developing the IT team. This includes building a positive team culture, coaching team members, identifying development needs, and creating growth opportunities within the team.
  • Budget management: The IT Manager is responsible for preparing and managing Matexi's IT budget. This includes identifying investment needs, prioritizing projects, monitoring expenses, and reporting financial results to management.
  • Change management: The IT Manager plays a crucial role in facilitating change within the IT team and the broader organization. This includes implementing change initiatives, dealing with resistance, and ensuring a smooth transition to new processes and systems.
  • Team expansion: A key responsibility of the IT Manager is to attract, select, and onboard new team members to further expand Matexi's IT team. This includes identifying the right skills and talents needed to achieve IT objectives.


Experience and Background

  • Software Architecture Knowledge: The candidate must possess in-depth knowledge of software architecture to understand and develop complex IT systems. This includes the ability to make architectural design decisions that align with business objectives.
  • Digitalization Projects: The ideal candidate will be able to identify and leverage opportunities in digital transformation projects. This involves understanding new technologies and how they can be applied to improve and streamline business processes.
  • People Skills: The candidate must have strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders within the organization, including senior management, IT teams, and external partners.
  • High-Level Experience: The candidate should have built significant experience in IT management, preferably with a focus on application management. This includes leading teams and projects at a strategic level to achieve business objectives.
  • ERP Knowledge: It's important for the candidate to have experience with ERP systems, as this is a crucial aspect of the company's IT infrastructure. ERP knowledge will help the candidate operate effectively within the existing IT environment.
  • Analytical Mindset: The candidate must have a sharp analytical mind and be able to analyze and solve complex problems. This includes the ability to interpret data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Change Management: The candidate should have experience with change management and be able to effectively lead and manage changes within the organization. This involves developing and implementing strategies to overcome resistance and engage employees in the change process.
  • Attitude: In addition to technical skills and experience, the mindset and attitude of the candidate are also crucial. The ideal candidate should be proactive, innovative, and results-oriented, with a strong drive for continuous improvement and innovation.


  • Leadership: The IT Manager must be able to lead, motivate, and inspire the IT team, providing direction for the company's IT strategy and plans.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential for conveying technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, collaborating with internal teams, and maintaining relationships with external partners.
  • Technical Expertise: In-depth knowledge of software architecture, digitalization projects, and IT infrastructure is crucial for the IT Manager's success at Matexi.
  • Strategic Thinking: The IT Manager must be able to develop long-term vision and strategy that align with Matexi's business objectives while addressing the needs of the IT department.
  • People Management: The ability to lead, coach, and develop a team is essential for achieving optimal performance and fostering engagement within the IT team.


For the role of IT Manager, knowledge of Dutch, English, and French is a must.


As an IT Manager at Matexi, you have the opportunity to work for a company with 75 years of experience and expertise, which is a market leader in neighborhood development and has the capacity to realize challenging real estate projects both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, Matexi has been a pioneer and market leader in complex, inner-city redevelopment projects for 20 years, providing you with the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking initiatives.

As part of a financially strong and stable company with sound governance, you will be welcomed into a socially responsible enterprise with a strong emphasis on sustainability and the KING values: Customer Focus, Integrity, Accuracy, and Drive.

At Matexi, as an employee, you will have a lot of ownership and challenges, along with the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of colleagues from various domains, which can broaden and enrich your own knowledge.


SAP, SAP Manager, Integration Architect

IT Manager (payroll of freelance) @ Matexi

Matexi is a leading neighborhood developer that has been striving since its establishment in 1945 to create affordable, sustainable, and high-quality homes. Under the motto 'Welcome to the neighborhood,' Matexi has established a strong presence in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland. As part of the Abacus Group NV, Matexi is headquartered in Waregem. Over its 75-year history, Matexi has consolidated its position as a pioneer and market leader in inner-city redevelopment projects, and continues to pursue innovation and sustainability in all its activities.

As an expert in neighborhood development, Matexi offers a wide range of solutions to create inclusive, sustainable, and pleasant neighborhoods. This includes:

  • Neighborhood development: Matexi aims to create vibrant neighborhoods that bring people together. This involves developing mixed communities with homes, shops, workspaces, green areas, and community facilities.
  • Urban redevelopment: With over 20 years of experience in urban redevelopment, Matexi transforms abandoned buildings and sites into vibrant residential and living environments.
  • Sustainable living: Matexi focuses on sustainability by striving for energy-efficient homes, promoting biodiversity, encouraging soft mobility, and maximizing water reuse.

Matexi also offers a comprehensive range of services to add value to neighborhoods and provide customers with high-quality homes. These services include:

  • Acquisition: Matexi acquires land and buildings for development, taking into account sustainability and community needs.
  • Development: Developing master plans, obtaining permits, and implementing sustainable development practices.
  • Construction: Realizing high-quality homes and community facilities with a focus on quality and sustainability.
  • Sales: Offering reliable homes and service to customers, with attention to their needs and budgets.

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