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IT Coördinator @ Colmar



As IT Coordinator, you support the company in implementing optimizations and proactively seek improvements. Additionally, you play a role in managing IT resources and act as a liaison between external partners and Colmar.

Furthermore, you are the key figure in technical challenges, using your expertise and resources to find solutions. Additionally, you optimize operational processes and automation for smooth operations. You translate business needs into practical ICT solutions, acting as a link between business goals and technical implementation to achieve perfect synergy at Colmar.

An important aspect of the role of IT Coordinator is problem-solving and support. When technical issues or challenges arise, it is the responsibility of the IT Coordinator to deploy the right resources and expertise to provide a solution.

Moreover, you provide expertise in operational and administrative process automation, ensuring seamless and effective day-to-day operations. You translate the company's wishes and requirements into practical solutions within the ICT platforms. In doing so, you act as a bridge between business needs and technical implementation, ensuring systems align perfectly with Colmar's objectives.


1. Actively contribute to improvements that add value to the company.
2. Closely monitor new or modified functionalities of the ICT environment, with a focus on careful monitoring of the transition to a cloud-only environment.
3. Align with the company. Maintain contact with various company departments (Production, Sales, Finance, HR, Marketing) to capture and analyze needs and requirements.
4. Maintain contact with partners and translate functional (and technical) requirements to external partners (e.g., Christiaens and Trustteam). Always keeping in mind Colmar's enterprise/application architecture and future plans.
5. Act as a bridge between external consultants and internal users. Colmar collaborates with external partners when the expertise is not available in-house. Therefore, a good relationship and knowledge exchange with the IT partners are crucial.
6. Project Management/Coordination for application adjustments, implementations, integrations, and migrations.
7. Change Management. There are many process changes (improvements and automations) planned, and it will be important to identify and motivate key users for these changes.
8. You are the point of contact for both internal and external inquiries.


Experience and Background:

– You hold a bachelor's or university degree in ICT or Economics (business engineer, business sciences, TEW, etc.) or equivalent through experience.
– You have at least initial experience as a Coordinator.
– You possess extensive knowledge of business processes and ERP. Familiarity with Navision or Business Central is a plus.
– Knowledge of POS systems is a plus.
– You combine business thinking with a broad interest in IT.
– You have a highly pragmatic approach, and your hands-on mentality means that you enjoy contributing substantively to projects.
– You have a strong helicopter view, allowing you to maintain an end-to-end vision of your projects at all times.
– You are strong in communication.
– You are resilient to stress.
– You can build both formal and informal networks and know how to engage all stakeholders.
– You have a structured approach, yet you are simultaneously proactive and flexible enough to work in a rapidly evolving environment.


– Communicative
– Critical thinking and proactive action


You are part of an intriguing transformational journey within a company that is deeply committed to advancing its digitalization efforts. Colmar is actively transitioning towards a cloud-only environment, and as the IT Coordinator, you can take the lead in this endeavor. This presents you with the opportunity to shape the ICT roadmap.

You will be entering a no-nonsense work environment where a culture of openness and collaboration prevails. Your voice will be heard and valued. We believe in the power of collective ideas and aspire to continue growing together, ensuring quality and innovation.


IT Coördinator @ Colmar

Colmar (HQ: Oudenaarde), is known to the general public as a restaurant chain offering a wide range of dishes, as well as a catering service.

The family business was established in 1957 in Brussels. Two restaurants were opened on Adolphe Maxlaan, each with its own concept. On one hand, there was the upscale restaurant Max, and on the other hand, the self-service restaurant Colmar.

In the 1970s, the restaurants were taken over by the Dossche family, who made some changes. Max was closed, and Colmar was given a new look. The family drew inspiration from several study trips to the United States, where they became acquainted with the Grill & Buffets formula.

Ten years later, the first Grill & Buffets restaurant in Sint-Denijs-Westrem became a reality. Soon after, restaurants were also opened in Ghent, Brussels, Kortrijk, and Antwerp. This was a great success, which convinced the Dossche family to introduce a restaurant chain to the French market under the name Crocodile. In 1989, the first Crocodile restaurant opened its doors in Englos, near Lille.

Today, Colmar employs 750 staff members spread across 6 establishments in Belgium and 18 establishments in France.

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