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IT Architect Infra @ Zetes



The role of an IT Infrastructure Architect at Zetes is primarily focused on designing consistent and coherent solutions for IT infrastructures to support business requirements and services. This involves several key responsibilities and objectives.

One of the primary responsibilities is to design IT solutions that are not only consistent but also coherent, ensuring that different components of the infrastructure seamlessly align and efficiently support the business needs. In addition, the IT Infrastructure Architect is responsible for defining company IT standards, policies, and best practices. This includes ensuring open technology standards and global vendor technology interoperability, which are essential for the smooth operation of IT systems.

Standardization of IT infrastructure is a critical aspect of the role, both at the corporate-wide and project-wide levels. This standardization ensures consistency and efficiency throughout the organization.

Furthermore, the architect is tasked with ensuring the integration and flexibility of technical solutions. This is vital in adapting to changing needs and technological developments. Creating project technical roadmaps is also part of the job, providing a clear blueprint for the implementation of IT solutions to achieve defined goals.

Compliance with security guidelines and standards, as set by Zetes' Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), is integral to the role, ensuring the security and integrity of IT systems. Finally, the IT Infrastructure Architect is responsible for tracking, testing, and evaluating new IT infrastructure technologies and innovations. This commitment to staying at the forefront of technology contributes to the continuous improvement and optimization of IT systems at Zetes.

Tasks and responsibilities

– Assess existing systems to ensure they meet business requirements

– Monitoring the security of existing systems

– Support and guide IT Operations in prediction and overseeing infrastructure

– upgrades based on business needs

– Create design of a working infrastructure model (technical direction) for new implementations, migrations, and transitions.

– Write infrastructure design specifications, processes, guidelines and company policies

– Support Project Managers by creating detail project technical roadmap and control/check of project during implementation

– Support Sales and pre-Sales for business tender response.

– Support Development and Devops for product IT infrastructure resource needs

– Support and guide IT operations in incidents/problems troubleshooting

– Create detailed project roadmap plan and follow-up on implementation

– Identify the potential technology innovations (POC)

– Collect feedback, analyze and report on IT infrastructure project deployments


Background and experience 

– Cloud Computing

– Web technologies

– General IT Expertise in resources management such as computer hardware,

storage, database, networks, operating systems, data centers and software

– Good knowledge on IT security (confidentiality, integrity and availability)

– Virtualization and orchestration (hypervisors, hyperconvergence,..)

– Design Systems architecture (behavior, structure, conceptual model)

– Clear documentation writing on chosen designs, standards, methods and tools.

– Good understanding of IT regulations (ISO)

The internal working language at Zetes is English. Dutch and/or French are used for casual conversations.


Zetes offers a competitive remuneration package including meal vouchers, health insurance, a company car, standby compensation and an annual performance bonus. A flexible and nature-based working environment and excellent fringe benefits, such as a company car, insurance package, daily meals paid by Zetes etc. are part of the competitive salary package.

Zetes offers you a challenging position in a high-tech setting. You work in a team that brings together various state-of-the art technologies in soft- and hardware. Because of the international growth in demand for solid solutions, related to all domains of identity, Zetes is a successful and financially stable organization.

Moreover, a lot of variation, autonomy and interaction with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders is guaranteed. Zetes refers to the possibility for a personalized development program (management, leadership, interpersonal skills, technical skills, …) and the opportunity to specialize in a field that is quite exceptional in Belgium.

Concrete personal growth opportunities:

– ITIL training

– PKI training

– ISO 2700x security standards

– Linux qualifications

– Language training, …


Infrastructure Architect

IT Architect Infra @ Zetes

Founded in 1984, Zetes – pioneer of the barcode – is an international group highly specialized in identification and mobility solutions.

‘Connecting what matters’ and ‘Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds’ is at the heart of the business: physical movements and digital flows, their customers and their critical data, but also consumers and corporations, citizens and governments. By using the most innovative technologies, Zetes allows customers to improve speed, quality and accuracy in order to be on the leading edge of their industry.

The Zetes head office is located in Brussels and the team is made up of more than 1,300 experts (+-330 in Belgium) spread across 22 countries in the EMEA region. Its turnover for 2022 amounted to €320 million.

In 2017, Zetes Group joined the Panasonic Corporation, but continues operating as an independent subsidiary with its own management. For more than 30 years, Zetes has been offering innovative automatic identification and mobility solutions. Whether this is to optimize supply chain execution (Goods ID) or people identification (People ID), the solutions guarantee end-to-end visibility and the protection of data.

Identification, authentication, digitization and traceability have become increasingly important. And with them comes a need to secure the different aspects of lives. The proliferation of trade, the Internet explosion and increased human mobility, are a reality and increasingly influencing lives as well as making them more complex. Commercial organizations and governments are therefore looking for ways to streamline processes whilst obtaining the information they need to make good decisions.

By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Zetes' Goods ID and People ID solutions enable them to achieve these objectives, automating workflows and providing better visibility, via their IT systems, of the movement of goods and people. For this, Zetes employs various technologies, maintaining a constant technology watch for developments that can most effectively solve the challenges facing its customers.

Zetes plays an important part in helping companies deal with the challenges of global tracking, such as serialization, parallel markets, security, legal obligations and counterfeiting through Goods ID Solutions. Zetes integrates next-generation cloud platforms with cutting-edge technologies such as imaging, voice recognition, RFID, codification and mobile terminals.

Zetes provides public authorities and supranational institutions with secure solutions to correctly authenticate their population and comply with the highest international requirements for the issuance of secure ID and travel documents and the organization of democratic elections through People ID Solutions. Zetes has over 15 years’ experience implementing sensitive projects for governments and supra-national organizations. Reliability is one of the key characteristics of the solutions, as well as the organizational flexibility and ability to execute. This approach allows Zetes to give the best guarantees for citizens to prove who they are.

Zetes focuses on intelligent use of technology and offers a 4-stage integrated approach:

– Analysis of needs;

– Full range of turnkey solutions, for both

– the supply chain (Goods ID)

– governments and institutions (People ID);

– Technological integration;

– Integration with existing systems (MES, WMS, TMS, ERP, National Register, etc.).

In order to grow in this rapidly evolving market, Zetes has developed a strong strategy where innovation is put high on the agenda.

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