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General Manager @ Obasi vzw



The General Manager of Obasi aims to promote the overall health and growth of the company, focusing on improving the internal organisation, enhancing business performance in terms of service and product development, improving financial performance and increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time, the Managing Director also provides direction in terms of innovation in the rapidly changing software market.

The seven key result areas include:

Daily operational management

Planning, organising, coordinating, following up and adjusting the ICT organisation's regular activities in order to ensure that the ICT organisation's objectives are realised in an effective, efficient and high-quality manner, in line with the organisational strategy.

ICT strategy

In cooperation with management, be responsible for formulating an ICT strategy and translating it into concrete operational objectives and projects, in consultation with the management body and the other members of the management team, in order to obtain a clear vision and a dynamic guideline for the approach of the ICT organisation and processes.

Organisational optimisation

Be responsible for setting up, keeping up-to-date and continuously optimising processes, structures, roles and resources within and across the ICT organisation in order to ensure an effective working framework and quality results taking into account a continuously changing internal and external environment.

Financial management

Developing a sustainable financial framework for internal operation and cost-sharing with the members, in order to create a stable operation that also guarantees a stable and clear cost-sharing to the members

People management

Managing, developing and evaluating employees in order to have competent and motivated employees at all times, necessary for realising the mission and objectives of the ICT organisation, within the framework of the organisation's general personnel policy.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Stimulate initiative, result-orientation, innovation, ownership and entrepreneurship, with the aim of realising an innovative and agile organisation.

External representation and networking

Contribute to adequate external representation and develop relevant contacts with key stakeholders to ensure rapid information exchange and strengthen the organisation's professional image.


For the role of General Manager (CEO), we are looking for an individual with leadership experience of 5-10 years at board level. Experience in the context of IT and software development is necessary. Knowledge of budget management and experience working with governing bodies are highly recommended. Experience within the healthcare sector or related services is a strong plus.

A General Manager responsible for the above result areas needs a wide range of personal competences to operate effectively. Among others, key personal competences in terms of leadership, communication skills, problem-solving ability, decision-making skills, strategic thinking, financial expertise, people management and entrepreneurship. You have a native command of Dutch and also speak French and English. You will work from the Tienen office.


The Managing Director (CEO) has a crucial role in the further professionalisation and growth of Obasi.

The context is particularly socially relevant: applications built by Obasi contribute directly to better care and people's health and well-being. So this is particularly valuable for people looking for a meaningful career.

The healthcare sector is known for its constant need for innovation and technological advances. The demand for high-quality software solutions in the healthcare sector therefore continues to grow strongly. As a Managing Director, you will be involved in leading innovative projects and introducing new technologies that can transform the healthcare sector.

You have the opportunity to work with talented professionals in both software development and healthcare, Leading Obasi is therefore a challenging and varied role. You have to deal with complex regulatory, technological and organisational challenges and the needs of different stakeholders.

Therefore, successfully growing and evolving Obasi as a software company in the healthcare sector can be a huge source of satisfaction and pride.


CIO, IT Director Algemeen, IT Director Applications, IT Manager, CTO, R&D Manager / Director, Chief Data Officer, CDO, Chief Digital Officer

General Manager @ Obasi vzw

Obasi vzw develops high-quality and secure software applications for the healthcare sector and mental healthcare in particular. The software automates and optimises various services: from medical and nursing services to financial modules.

Obasi vzw has existed for more than 40 years.  The non-profit organisation was founded from several psychiatric hospitals, which wanted to work together for their IT support and computerisation. Obasi still operates as a members' association according to the cost-sharing principle. 

The non-profit organisation has great added value for the sector, filling an increasingly important function.  The care file, patient administration, billing, pharmacy, etc. need to be supported with the right software. Thus, given the importance of Obasi's software, the organisation fulfils an important social function.

The non-profit organisation has its office/headquarters in Tienen.  Members are spread all over Belgium (mainly in Flanders, but some important Walloon hospitals are also members).  There are currently 44 full-time employees.

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