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Functioneel Analist @ Doccle



The role of a Functional Analyst at Doccle plays a crucial role as a bridge between the business requirements and the technological implementations. The core mission of Doccle, as an online platform for receiving, processing, and storing invoices and documents, emphasizes the efficient organization of administration in one central place. Acting as a key figure within the development team, the analyst serves as the proxy for both developers and testers.

In the typical 'Doccle' team structure with various squads, including the product owner, developers, and testers, the functional analyst plays an essential role in ensuring that the input is accurate and clear and translates it into concrete solutions.

The ability to set expectations sharply and conduct accurate analysis is a crucial part of successful functioning within Doccle. Given the significant growth and complexity of Doccle's operations, with a wealth of available information and data, functional analysts play a key role in important projects on the roadmap. The role contributes to the continuous pursuit of optimization and improvement within Doccle's online platform.

Projects on the roadmap:

Within Doccle's current development plans, two projects are central. The first project focuses on data sharing and integrating Doccle into broader ecosystems. Currently, Doccle still functions as an isolated platform for sharing information. The goal is to transform Doccle into an active component of wider business environments. A concrete example of this approach is the digitization of the loan process. Here, the functional analyst plays a crucial role in drafting detailed requirements and closely collaborating with various stakeholders, including social secretariats. By seamlessly integrating validated wage information, the analyst contributes to smooth information flow. This not only benefits the bank, such as efficiency and fraud prevention, but also results in an improved digital experience for the end user.

The second project focuses on integrating Peppol, an online E-invoicing platform, into Doccle. With the rise of B2B billing via Peppol in Belgium, the goal is to make all associated invoices structuredly available. Here, the functional analyst plays a key role in drafting extensive requirements after intensive consultation with stakeholders such as CodaBox and external parties. From understanding the Peppol API structure to outlining technical aspects, the analyst ensures seamless integration of Doccle with the Peppol network. The ultimate aim is to provide an intuitive and efficient experience for users, with specific attention to freelancers who can effortlessly receive and manage their invoices in Doccle.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • You prepare functional analysis for new features in collaboration with the product owner, UX/UI designer, and other stakeholders.
  • You capture functional and non-functional requirements.
  • You ensure a thorough analysis, i.e., a clear (textual) description supported by necessary visual, schematic representation (e.g., UML or BPMN).
  • You monitor the features in development and validate them by acting as a proxy for developers and testers.
  • You translate your functional analysis into implementable user stories in collaboration with the development team. 


  • You have a background in IT and experience in a similar role;
  • You derive energy from translating business requirements into technical solutions;
  • Experience taking ownership from scratch in drafting analyses for new, customized software projects or expanding existing systems;
  • Experience in software product companies and/or scale-ups are definitely an asset;
  • A passion for delivering high-quality products and a commitment to customer satisfaction;
  • You have experience in custom software development;
  • You have experience with UML and BPMN or other visualization tools;
  • Experience with Sparx Enterprise Architect is a plus.


  • You bring a good dose of humor and enthusiasm;
  • You are curious about new technologies;
  • You are analytical;
  • You can empathize with both the end user and the developer who will build the solution. Empathy and communication skills are therefore not unfamiliar to you;
  • You have the ambition to make things better, demonstrating a constructive-critical approach. You not only identify problems but also propose solutions;
  • Experience with Jira and Confluence is a plus.


  • You play a key role in a growing and innovative organization;
  • The Doccle organization combines the best of two worlds: the characteristic agility of a scale-up environment on top of a financially stable business model;
  • The horizontal organizational structure with short communication lines leads to quick decision-making and strong visibility of your efforts;
  • The Doccle offices are located in Leuven. You can also work from home frequently.
  • Market-competitive remuneration with a package of fringe benefits.

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Functional Analyst, UML, BPMN

Functioneel Analist @ Doccle

Doccle, known for its innovative platform, is a Belgian scale-up and pioneer in digitizing the administrative process. In 2012, Acerta, Telenet, and CM joined forces to establish a new platform for the digitization of various paper documents. Three completely different companies with entirely different objectives (telecom player, HR service provider, and health insurance fund) had one common problem: they all struggled with their digital administration. Through joint efforts, they developed and launched Doccle in 2014, Belgium's first digital administration platform. With this platform, every Belgian can send documents, receive payments, and digitally sign documents. Paper invoices or documents, passwords, and complicated registration are no longer necessary. Additionally, the platform serves as a legal archive for the digital documents that an end-user sends and receives.

Since the launch of Doccle, the number of end-users, documents, and partners has grown exponentially. In 2018, 1.25 million Belgians created an account with Doccle, and a total of 92 million documents were sent via the platform. Now, Doccle continues to grow with over 2.6 million end-users and the storage of more than 125 million documents per year. Doccle also formed partnerships with over 100 companies, both in the public and private sectors. Examples of sectors include the banking sector, hospitals and health insurers, HR and payroll administration companies, etc. This exponential growth of partners and end-users is a "network effect". New cooperations attract new end-users.

In 2021, the Belgian payment platform Isabel Group, known for the billing service Zoomit, joined Telenet as a shareholder of Doccle. These shareholders will invest an additional 5 million euros in the coming years to make Doccle the platform of the future.

The Doccle services offer added value in a business-to-business context by:

  • Being cost-efficient thanks to many sales advantages
  • Providing better service through a central and clear archive
  • Ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security (i.e., ISO 9001 and ISO 270001)

Although there is currently no other company offering the combination of Doccle's services, innovation proves to be essential. Therefore, Doccle is constantly developing new solutions and improving its application for citizens and partners alike.

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