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Business Application Owner @ CRH-SCB



The Business Application Owner plays a critical role in supporting the business by overseeing the conceptual design of the new ERP system (Priamos) and acting as a sparring partner for various departments (sales, production, HR, etc.). They work closely with internal and external stakeholders, such as Brand Managers, sales engineers, finance, HR, production, servicedesk, and management, to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness. While entrepreneurship is not an explicit requirement, it is highly valued.


The ideal candidate for this position is an analytical professional with an IT background and experience in business analysis. You are service-oriented, flexible, and willing to relocate between different locations. You have a Master's or Bachelor's degree in IT-related studies and several years of experience in business analysis and processes, preferably in an application context. Work experience in a production environment where CAD is used and machines are controlled is a plus. Experience with Salesforce (CRM) is required, experience with Priamos (or ERP package), Afas, etc. is a plus.

Key Skills and Qualities:

  • Excellent planning and coordination skills
  • Results-oriented with a strong ability to collaborate
  • Action-oriented with a keen sense of decision-making quality
  • Drives innovation and creates new, more effective ways to support business departments in terms of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills
  • Experience with project management
  • Fluent in Dutch with good knowledge of English; knowledge of French and/or German is a plus

Essential Skills:

  • Planning and Coordination: Develop work plans and priorities to meet business objectives.
  • Results-Oriented: Consistently achieve results, even in challenging circumstances.
  • Collaboration: Build effective partnerships and collaborate with others to achieve common goals.
  • Action-Oriented: Proactively pursue new opportunities and challenges with a focus on priorities.
  • Decision Quality: Make timely and sound decisions that benefit the company.
  • Promote Innovation: Create new and better ways to drive the company's success.

Required Competencies:

  • Stakeholder Management: Build and maintain effective relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Results-Oriented: Demonstrated ability to achieve consistent and measurable results.
  • Project Management: Experience in successfully planning, executing, and monitoring projects.


CRH SCB stands out as an employer by combining a hands-on mentality with the strength of a financially sound group. The company encourages employees to be entrepreneurial, share fresh ideas, and think innovatively. This creates a dynamic work environment where employees perform multifaceted tasks, their job content continuously evolves, and they come into contact with all levels within the organization and with various stakeholders.

As a market leader in the sector, CRH SCB offers unique growth opportunities, primarily horizontally within a rapidly changing environment. This makes CRH SCB the ideal choice for driven IT professionals who are looking for a challenging and stimulating work environment where they can fully utilize their talents.

Why choose CRH SCB?

  • Hands-on mentality within a financially sound group
  • Encouragement of entrepreneurship, fresh ideas, and innovative thinking
  • Versatile tasks and a continuously evolving job content
  • Contact with all levels within the organization and various stakeholders
  • Horizontal growth opportunities within a rapidly changing environment
  • A very comprehensive and attractive salary package including meal vouchers, hospitalization insurance, company car, etc.

Are you interested? Email Riccardo Ferradini at


Business Application Owner @ CRH-SCB

CRH Structural Concrete Belgium (CRH-SCB) is a subsidiary of the Irish CRH Group, a global leader in building materials. With over 1,100 employees and 8 production sites in Belgium, CRH-SCB is the market leader in precast concrete. The company offers a wide range of solutions for walls, floors, and load-bearing structures for both residential and non-residential construction, with innovation and sustainability as its core values.

CRH-SCB was founded in 2003 and has continued to grow through the acquisition of several Belgian precast concrete companies, including Schelfhout, Ergon, and Echo. Since then, the company has focused on growth and innovation, developing new products and services that meet the demands of modern construction.

CRH-SCB distinguishes itself by its focus on customization. The company works closely with its customers to develop precast elements that perfectly match the specific needs of each project. This ensures a more efficient construction process, higher quality, and a more sustainable result.

CRH-SCB is a reliable partner for the construction sector in Belgium. The company strives to offer its customers the best products and services, with a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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