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BI Specialist @ VPK Group



1. Purpose of the position

The BI Specialist at VPK Group plays a critical role in managing and developing the BI/BW/BO/SAC environment, ensuring the robustness of the existing SAP BW solution and driving the transition to self-service reporting tools such as SAC. This position has a significant impact within the organization as it directly influences the standard reporting provided to all Business Units in accordance with the strategic plans established by the corporate controllers and division heads.

2. Context and BI landscape

2.1 The BI landscape

The BI Landscape is in the cloud and built around SAP BW, Business Objects and SAP BPC. Currently there are proof of concepts being built to evolve to the SAC Cloud solution of SAP.  The main backbone for all the reporting queues is SAP and multiple other legacy systems. The governance is built in and around these source applications. In the organization this is the responsibility of the Applications team. There are 340 active BI users. Several hundreds receive daily broadcasts.

2.2 The team and collaboration

The BI team has a dotted line to the Business sponsors of ICT. This is both the corporate controller and the divisional heads. They will set the priorities and agree on the next steps. There is a two months BI Steerco where both the CIO and CFO are available and where with BI lead the strategies six quarters ahead are evaluated.

The most frequent collaboration will be with the applications team and the business process owner (only BPO’s make tickets). The relationship is not complex, a key challenge is to be able to make the translation between the business need and the BI Architecture and set up.

2.3 The challenges

The first challenge is to ensure the uptime of the solutions and the readiness of the data and reporting on time. The team has worked hard to get this in place and it can be considered as being at the right standards.
The opportunity is to become an even stronger partner with the application team and business stakeholders. Picking up early requirements and finding synergies across the VPK Group.

The current VPK BI Team has strong SAP BW/BI Skills and is a very mature and functional team. Graphical front end skills are for sure an opportunity for growth.

2.4 Some Ongoing projects

  • Set up of BPC for consolidation
  • Prototyping for SAC
  • VPK has  a combination of BW on Hana and BW4Hana and will evolve to full 4Hana in the next years. 

3. Tasks and responsibilities

  • Reporting to the BI Team Lead: The Specialist is responsible for designing, developing and implementing new flows in SAP BW on Hana, modeling SAP extractors, creating BO reports, monitoring daily loads, defining new reports in SAC and handling business support tickets.
  • Design and Development: Responsible for designing, developing and implementing new flows in SAP BW on Hana using LSA++ methodology (40% of time).
  • Data Modeling: Handles different types of SAP extractors in modeling, including LIS, FI, COPA, Generic data sources, Hana views, etc. (30% of the time).
  • Reporting: Creates BO reports based on Hana views and BEx queries.
  • Monitoring and Support: Oversees daily load, handles business support tickets and provides training to business users of BO reporting tools.
  • Self-Service Reporting: Defines new reports in SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) and sets authorizations.

The BI Specialist works closely with the Applications team and business stakeholders and translates business requirements into feasible development strategies. Challenges include understanding the current setup and translating complex business needs into effective technical solutions. 

4. Objectives for the first 12 months

3 months Learn about the solutions and set up guided by the current team and team leader
6 months work on some first design and set up
12 months be a trusted advisor for the business process owners after some first successful deliveries

Obviously, expectations about the speed at which the BI Specialist settles in are related to the experience he/she has already accumulated. Depending on experience, this process can obviously be faster, knowing that the VPK environment is complex and international.

5. Reporting

The BI Specialist will report directly to the VPK BI Team Lead.

6. Reason for the vacancy

 VPK keeps on growing and investing, consequently also the BI project portfolio has grown, hence there is a need for recruiting an extra BI Specialist. 


  • Educational Qualifications: At least a Bachelor's or Master's degree, although equivalent experience is also considered.
  • Work Experience: Open to experience ranging from junior to senior level. The ideal candidate should have experience in SAP BI, SAP, or a strong background in data affinity and reporting. Specific experience with SAP technologies such as SAP BW, BW on HANA, BW4HANA, AFO, WEBI, and SAC is valuable.
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in SAP technologies, including SAP BW, Business Objects, SAP BPC, and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Knowledge of SAP extractors, Hana views, ABAP coding, and AMDP scripts for data manipulation is desirable. Optionally writes ABAP code and AMDP scripts for faster data loading.
  • Personality Traits: Being accurate, eager to learn, and customer/user-oriented. Excellent communication skills and a hands-on, friendly, pragmatic, and professional communication style.
  • Industry Background: Experience in consulting, FMCG, or industry-related backgrounds are preferred. Experience in similar business environments might be advantageous.
  • Adaptability: Adaptable and willing to learn new technologies and methodologies as the company is actively investing in and evolving its BI landscape.


  • An international company, active in the circular economy, that is still growing and can present a particularly nice BI project portfolio. 
  • VPK group is an entrepreneurial and people oriented environment, with a very quick decision making attitude, where you will have impact and the opportunities to really make a difference.
  • The position also provides the Specialist the opportunity to become a trusted advisor to business process owners following successful project deliverables.
  • Flat hierarchical structure
  • New front-end (SAC) which the team has no in-house experience with
  • Migration to BW4HANA (still many flows to be transformed) ( incl S4 migration in the future)
  • Each team member is full member
  • An interesting and competitive salary package depending on your experience, with net expense allowance, company car and fuel card, group and hospitalization insurance and a complete fringe benefits package.

Amon is the exclusive recruitment partner for this role at VPK Group.

Interested? Contact Flor Depuydt: or 0477 91 68 63.

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BI Specialist @ VPK Group

VPK Group, with Headquarters in Belgium (Aalst)  is a leading European supplier of cardboard packaging. It concerns a wide range of packaging solutions, from sturdy and functional standard packaging to trendy and innovative marketing packaging. VPK also offers transport management and strong digital integration. 

The organization has grown enormously in recent years due to acquisitions. With more than 6,500 employees and 70 production sites spread over 20 countries worldwide, VPK Group is a powerful player in the market. The company produces millions of tons of sustainable corrugated and solid board annually, resulting in a turnover of 2 billion Euros. The organization uses recycled paper as the raw material for our 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Examples of customers include Pepsico, Danone and Proximus.

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