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Architect @ Ontoforce



As an Architect, you prepare the product of today for the needs of tomorrow. The Architects look for opportunities to bring in new technology, to provide a roadmap for the development team to move forward. You prepare the technological future and vision of the product.

Together with your Scrum team, you will build the DISQOVER product which enables the users, in a user friendly and performant way, to process and extract insights out of a complex knowledge graph of terabytes of data. You will have a dual role:

  • One the one hand, you are part of a team of architects preparing the product of today for the needs of tomorrow. Working horizontally, the architects are responsible for the technology and integration roadmap for the entire organization. You look for opportunities to bring in new technology preparing the technological future of the product!
  • On the other hand you are part of the Scrum teams working as a senior software developer contributing to the development of the product.

Key responsibilities of the Architect Team include:

  • Give Technical Direction
    • Define, roll-out & guard a Technology Strategy → “define the rules of the game, not the strategy for every individual game”
    • Drive and change the platform architecture to support new future requirements in terms of performance, scalability, volume, security, ease of use, manageability…
    • Optimize the architecture and the development processes for a Managed SAAS offering
  • Be the face of the technology
    • Attend meetings with current and potential customers or partners
    • Preside architecture review boards
  • Drive Technical Innovation
    • Keep abreast of new technologies that might be beneficial to the organization
    • Do proof-of-concepts to assess new technologies, new architectures or new possibilities
    • Work to reduce/manage Technical Debt

Your personal responsibilities will also include:

  • Together with your Scrum team, you develop new functionality and features autonomously and iteratively end-to-end: from design, to developing and testing your features
  • Earn the Trust of the Team
    • Participate in Software development
    • Don't operate from an ivory tower, but work to enable the teams and make it their solution
    • Be with the team in the trenches at times of need
    • Earn respect by the team by showing competence in their field (software development, coding, designs, best practices…)
  • Support the Teams
    • Guide the teams technically (in designing, coding, testing, working effectively, supportability, performance, deployment…)
    • Advice on coding practices
    • Do architecture and code reviews
  • You will take challenging business problems, and come up with and build effective, performant and user friendly solutions for these challenges.


  • You hold a master or bachelor degree in Computer Science/Informatics (or equal through a proven track record).
  • You have experience working as a lead developer or an architect
  • You have a, interest in technologies like
  • Document Search Databases (e.G. SOLR, ElasticSearch…)
  • Property Graphs (e.g. Neo4J)
  • Triple Stores (e.g. AWS Neptune)
  • Graph Query Languages (e.g. SPARQL, GraphQL…)
  • You are familiar with industry standard code principles like Clean Code and Clean Architecture and you have a solid grasp of common software engineering practices, like OO principles, modern design patterns, test-driven development, continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • You love to think up and design algorithms
  • You have experience with REST APIs
  • Knowledge of microservice architecture and/or machine learning is a plus
  • Expect to work with technologies like Python, C++, Bash, Docker, Jenkins, Solr, graph databases, Redis, AI, AWS…


  • Prefer mentoring and guiding engineers to design over suggesting a design
  • When challenging designs with the team, do that with the intention of being challenged or rebutted, not to convince
  • Lead by example
  • Lead, but don’t think or work hierarchical
  • Own your mistakes


Besides a competitive salary package, ONTOFORCE offers:

  • A great team to work with that wants to be challenged and that will challenge you
  • An innovative product that pushes the edge of data-linkage technology and challenges your mind
  • Getting the chance to work on a very socially relevant platform, that has proven to truly help save lives
  • An environment that welcomes your ideas, initiative and creativity
  • Opportunity to learn in the form of courses and trainings
  • A fun group of colleagues that likes to play as hard as it works in team building activities like a “NASA Moon Survival Challenge”

You’re a perfect match if you are enthusiastic about building an integrated self- service web-based platform, love to crack the challenges around scalability and high-performance computing of semantic search and graph databases, want to see big data drive innovation and enable Artificial Intelligence.


Application Architect, C++, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / CI/CD, Python, Object Oriented / OO , API, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Design Patterns, REST, Elasticsearch, JSON

Architect @ Ontoforce

The goal of ONTOFORCE (HQ Ghent) is to transform data into knowledge, gather insights across data sources and make an impact on life science and healthcare. With the platform DISQOVER, they create data literacy and improve search accuracy by delivering actionable insights. Customers are research-intensive organizations in the fields of life sciences, healthcare and beyond: pharmaceutical multinationals, small-to-medium biotech companies and academic institutes (f.e. AstraZeneca, imec, Amgen and Bristol Myers Squibb). In the pharma and biotech industry, ONTOFORCE has proven that unimaginable insights can be retrieved to move drugs faster to market and ultimately help patients. The impact of the platform is broader than only on the company itself, it also has an impact on society as a whole and even more so for the individual who really needs the new therapies the most. New treatments can be developed faster or existing treatments can be used in more ways, f.e. to cure new diseases. On top of that, patients can also freely use the public version of the platform, and it has been proven that lives can truly be saved with smarter data. 

Today, the company employs 35 people and serves 8349 users. In addition to its headquarters in Ghent, ONTOFORCE also has a branch office in Boston, Massachusetts (US).

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