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Patrick Putman Finalist ICT & Digital Coach Of The Year This Is IT Amon

Patrick Putman

Chief Information Officer

Manuchar NV

Patrick Putman

 “From 15 to 50 people, in less than 12 months”

Chief Information Officer Patrick Putman has been on board for 2 years at Manuchar: a leading distributor of chemicals across emerging markets who also actively trades other commodities like steel, polymers, and many more. A gigantic company, present in more than 170 locations. With such a business, it goes without saying that you better have a CIO of the highest caliber.

What does inspiring & coaching leadership mean to Patrick?

“At Manuchar, we work towards a common vision and long-term goals. This motivates the teams to make their own creative contributions and achieve that vision. Does their behavior or result deviate from the intended goal? Then I make adjustments.

As a coach, I like to communicate through a question or metaphor. That way, my employees come to a conclusion themselves. The core task of a leader: to be clear on the ‘why‘. For the ‘what‘ and the ‘how‘ I count on the employees.”

Which personal achievements is Patrick most proud of?

“The expansion of the Manuchar IT team. We grew from 15 people to 50 people, and that in less than 12 months. Today we have a fully-fledged global IT team that is respected throughout the organization. Not only in Antwerp.

The head office works very well with the separate branches and we have a monthly global IT meeting where all initiatives of the head office are explained to more than 80 participants from all continents.”

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