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Pascal Kieboom

Chief Information Officer

Aertssen Group

Pascal Kieboom

“We practice what we preach”

People, power and passion to build on. Since 1964, these have been the pillars of Aertssen Group. For Chief Information Officer Pascal Kieboom, ‘the people‘ really stands out. The fact that people love working for Aertssen is the absolute top priority for this nominee.

What does inspiring & coaching leadership mean to Pascal?

“You have to empower people and give them direction, but at the same time give them room to discover things for themselves. Only then will they dare to try out new ideas. They can learn from both mistakes and successes. And that’s a win-win situation for your company as well as for the individual.

As a leader you plant the flag, and afterwards you remain a sounding board. You have an advisory role, but above all you continue to support your people: through good times and bad. At Aertssen, this philosophy is successful because it has the support of the CEO as well as the entire senior management. We practice what we preach.”

Which personal achievements is Pascal most proud of?

“Two years ago, Aertssen took its first steps into the cloud. Today, the company is completely in a cloud-based environment. In the process, we introduced new technologies and reinvented the entire architecture.

It was a challenging period, especially with Covid. And yet we were able to keep the entire ICT team on board. From a team of 10 we grew to about 30 people. They support over 2,000 employees in more than 30 countries, maintain over 4,000 devices and 150+ applications.

Even though those numbers say a lot, what matters most is that people truly enjoy working here. As a result, there is little turnover and we attract newcomers.”

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