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This is IT

IT and Digital coaches are the driving force behind the talented IT teams of countless Belgian Companies. In 2020, every company, every team and every individual has been confronted with the massive impact of the black swan called Covid-19. It…

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Optimise your team with the Amon Talent Scan

Your company is in constant flux. You grow, go through changes, reorganise teams and reshuffle responsibilities. Is your team up to the challenge? Are the strengths of every employee used to maximum efficiency? Now and in the future? Get to…

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Executive Search, what is that exactly?

Sooner or later every growing company is faced with challenges. Dealing with them efficiently and becoming truly successful? The only way to do this is to have the right staff on board. This means a high-quality recruitment process is the…

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CV tips

Your curriculum vitae is the key to a first introduction, one which can serve as the basis for a major step in your career. It is therefore especially important that, in your preparation, you attach sufficient importance to the content…

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